Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The bank holiday... on the horizon.   Not many plans, except to visit the local Farmers Market, then to Walsingham to the farm shop and barns...and maybe a walk along the coast path.  The male of the household treated himself to a camera, and he's just been waiting for an opportunity to take proper photos and not just point and snap at anything which moves! 

I remain with my trusty photo taker...evidence below...some new beads...

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Awhile...a time...

...a broken laptop...

I mentioned my laptop is feeling exceedingly sorry for itself, and I'm using the PC, which means I'm tucked away, and I don't like that...which is my excuse for doing what I have to and then disappearing back to the touchable world again.

Anyway, in my touchable world I've been making my little spacers, interpersed with experiments of other things...and decorating or titivating.  I did find out about previous owners of our house and why they renamed it...we know Norfolk's reputedly flat, but it does have hills and we nestle in a little hollow, and have not much height...we're a low cottage, and from across the fields it looks like a little boat sailing in the waves...and that's how it got it's name change.

Also's some I made earlier!!

....just a small selection, but it proves I have been busy!