Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Very happy...

...to announce I now supply Susie Watson Designs fabrics.

 (Photos from Susie Watson Designs)

My sample books will be with me at all venues..  I hope you like my choice of designer.  I love their designs and the quality of fabrics. 

It was the pottery I first discovered some time ago, and then saw her fabrics when I visited the Autumn Show with friends.  I had a chat, explaining my situation and here I am!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Can it...

...make up its mind today.  From brilliant sunshine to heavy hail showers...with rain and wind in the mix.

Just when you need a dry, bright day the weather breaks and the photo session has to be done indoors against a window to gain as much daylight as possible, but we coped...

Red wool Harris Tweed cushion with a red and white gingham one leaning against it, warm bright tones on this dull day.  Lime tote bag with a covered diary and card wallet.  A needlecord handbag and Elle J Wilson print, this time a cat...

Interested?  Just contact me and I can help...I make most of the items I sell.

Oh, and don't you love the tax office.  A letter received this morning asked if I could send my P60 from my employer UDC for the year 2010/2011.  I haven't worked for them since 2008...in fact haven't been employed since then, and am now self-employed.  They were sent all the relevent paperwork at the time!  Oops!!

Monday, 22 October 2012


...flies when you're enjoying yourself!!  Well when you're busy it does!

Lots of markets and fairs have passed since my last post.  We had great fun at the Hare Fair in Docking at the end of September.  It was in the church and Nicola Hart had worked hard in making all the stalls so pretty.  Others have not been so good, and my regular days at Docking and Swaffham have been good to slow, but I think everyone is checking their pockets these days, so I'm not surprised.

Back to the Hare Fair...hare bags, cushions and prints were favourites and I came away with all the hare cushions and bags having been sold.  I do have a couple of hare prints still, along with a variety of hound prints.

But I've been busy with orders, like the Mum and daughter set below.  Made from Annabel Grey's beautiful fabric, a little bag with purse to match mum's.  A cushion is now available...  Various colours of a my hand--knitted scarves, either frilled or fringed....more fringed on the way.

Christmas is beginning to loom on the horizon with shops having cards and decorations on sale.  Hand made bunting on sale and to order, along with decorations and gifts...

I'm at Docking Market on Wednesday...but there is no market on Friday at Swaffham, we have to give way to the Art Show, but all back to normal next week.