Wednesday, 31 December 2008

And as the...

...year draws to its close.

Firstly, I wish everyone the happiest of 2009's...may it be a good one for you. Also, enjoy whatever time it arrives! ;)

Sitting this afternoon in our sitting room, watching the cold descend over the garden once more, I could see chaffinch, great tit, blue tit...numerous sparrows all squabbling over the seed put at the top of an old pole, which in summer has a single yellow rose growing round it. At the base a beautiful jay pecked away, alert for any disturbance...which suddenly there must have been as they all disappeared in various directions. Left perched right at the top is one of the robins who haunt my garden. A dominant little character...afraid of very little...his very red waistcoat shining bright through the shimmering frost.

Back to the subject which has dominated my blog over the last days and weeks. We have, or our Board has...made their choice, and it's a continuation of the same. We have kept PP...he is now our permanent manager...I wonder if that new found assurance is going to gain us more than the three points it already has! I have severe doubts about it. Notts Forest seem to have made their choice as well, someone who our fans had suggested could do well for us, but...decisions are made, and we now have to support the players, and they have to show us they are worth supporting, and wearing the shirt! It also seems that one of our "on loan" players has returned. He is quoted as saying he wanted to make the loan permanent, but the manager of Ipswich has now said, we didn't see his best. Unfortunately, that's what happened with us. Ce la vie!

I didn't get around to saying, I made my youngest son's partner a necklace for Christmas, it was a last minute make...and very simple. I know she likes bronzes, coppers and turquoise, so that's what was made. A ring of turquoise gem beads wrapped with antiqued copper wire, and then threaded on two strands of bronze seed beads, and a copper heart clasp. I was pleased with the result...simple, but just right.

I also was featured in an Etsy of my focals, Distant Sun...sadly I missed it, but a big thank you to azuredandelion, it's an honour to feature.

Oh, and those tiles...we've decided to go with them. Cream brick style, and a yellow green paint, in two shades...makes a change from Macdonald blue, and cream...

Monday, 29 December 2008

Oh, my...

...reading some of the fans blogs, those righteous supporters who think they know's depressing! ;)

We are bottom of the league, and yesterday made things worse. Our nearest (in points) rivals both won. They scrapped and fought and came away with points....we lost! We did score the first goal and did go in at half-time in the lead...and from my reading deservedly so, but we let it all fall to pieces in the second half. It was no more than I expected, which is not nice...and I don't like being that negative, but in's true.

So this morning, after hearing on the radio of another manager's demise (his choice). As Paul Jewell left Derby County, we now have a decision to make, or rather our board does. Will they continue with PP, or make the break this week and place a new broom in control? I do agree with one or two blogs...we plan for the worst, and cheer for the best...and if the players respond, then we should escape...but, it will need everyone to be looking in the same direction, it will need some brutal personal honesty on all parts. Players...are they truly giving their all for the shirt? make the decision regardless of anyone else, and no sentimentality. enlighten those of us who go week in, week out...and not just the select few...I find that grates more and more. support the new manager and HIS team in the matches to come...come hell or high water!!

What concerns me about the days before the many of our players will be thinking of leaving, will be feeling left out of games and even the squad, and will be looking to move on...they are men who have to make a living at their chosen profession, and have pride in themselves...and who could think a fresh start somewhere else would be better for them, and before any new manager has time to make that decision for himself, before they're sold or move on. And after reading some "fans" comments...I can understand why they would go! With most of the loans finishing over the next weeks, we have to keep our nucleus of players...however young and inexperienced they are!

And on that note...I have to go and look at some tiles...

Saturday, 27 December 2008

And the gods...


Well, that's one excuse. Having got to south east London in nearly record time, even though the roads were busy, and the sales had started. Even the M&S sale started at 6:00 this morning!! A hot sausage and a cup of chocolate later, we along with a good sized crowd watched a lack lustre first half, which again saw us concede a goal, and I thought that inciting the crowd was bookable, but obviously not in this particular referees eyes. The scorer (an ex-Charlton loanee)...waving his fist and smiling at the home stands, did nothing to endear him to the home fans.

I'm not sure what was said at half-time, and made a joke with the guy who sits in front of me that they'd been threatened with Paul Ince, but it worked and in the second half they had different heads on, and certainly different feet! But, again we managed only to draw, and the sigh that went up when four added minutes was shown could feel what that meant, and we were nearly punished...luckily this time the linesman flagged for a foul as the ball hit the back of the net for a fifth time, and the third away goal was disallowed. Some justice, as we'd had three penalty appeals for handball ruled out...and they were handballs ref! Our manager was sent off...or in their cases, sent to the stands...two rows behind the what happens at Sheffield United with him?

We came away a happier set of supporters at the showing, but with Doncaster beating Notts Forest later yesterday....we have sunk to the bottom again! Notts Forest now join us in the search for a new manager...they sacked theirs after his post match interview. I also think it was PP's last managerial foray at home for us...he stayed on the pitch after the final whistle, and told ALL the players to go to the three sides of home supporters and thank us...that to me is the act of a man that knows his tenure is finished.

On other things...we're still all coughing well, and the family is coming today...but they're coughing too, so not much harm done.

Enjoy your weekends, and if you're saling...enjoy the crowds. I'm told it's a busy one!!

Friday, 26 December 2008

It's still...

...dark, and I can hear the coughs echoing from upstairs, and we all have been poorly over the holiday, so far. We have had a good time even so...good company, nice food...and a semi-relaxing time.

Today it's football time, with my husband and I off to my teams home game against QPR, whose new(ish) owners have a bit of cash in their pockets...a relatively (now) new manager (and how we would like one of those!), are gradually accumulating points. Our decline in some eyes is terminal, at least as far as the Championship is concerned, and we will be in League One come next August. We still have time to recover that situation, but we need to fight, and a manager who can make the players (in whatever managerial style he wants) do that.

About this time two years ago, I had a disagreement with a young lady on a forum, or rather she did with me. I had posted something about our situation and the departure of Dowie and Reed, to which she disagreed. Her post all in capitals, telling me I should get back to where I came from, and the fact I had been supporting Charlton for forty odd years was irrelevant...and that she travelled three hours to see her team, that we only deserved to be in the Premiership, looks a bit flat now...I did write a long response pointing out I don't live around the corner to the ground, and travel two hours (usually) to get there, and we had no given right to Premiership status, that in the forty odd years I had seen it and been there before, and then I deleted it...I can't be doing with arguing, life's too short! I do wonder if she still goes to matches though, and whether she'll be there this lunchtime, and will she go next season, if the worst happens.

We have no right to be in any league, we have to play for that right, and at present...we aren't!

PS...Merry Christmas! ;)

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


...and all that!

I've been tracing mine and my husband's family trees over the last few months, and I've established true lines going back to 1750ish...with hints going back a further three hundred years, but that all needs to be verified.

Today I made a discovery which was quite a coincidence. We've been hoping to move to Norfolk, and though we've nearly decided to stay put for the time, we did find a house in Alby, near Aylsham (sold now), and looked at ones in Beetley...and near Fakenham. In the family tree, I knew my great-grandfather came from Norwich, Norfolk and was a, I found his father and sisters...and between them they were born in Beetley, Stibbard, near Fakenham, and Alby. That seems spooky to me! Part of my husband's mother's family we've discovered came from Norwich too, of which she had no knowledge!

Seems the draw of "home" was calling for both of us!


....I've got to start with the love of my football team! ;)

We were being televised last night (I was there live), and we drew...okay...we drew, but in such a way...the referee found four additional minutes, and Derby scored four minutes and five seconds into that, but we played like a new team, not the best team in the league, but vastly putting our previous performances to shame...and if we continue that way, we'll get ourselves out of the trouble we put ourselves in. We've extended Martyn Waghorn's loan period by a month, he's on emergency loan at present, and Sunderland can call him back with immediate effect, but hopefully we can sign him to a normal loan in January, then we can keep him until the end of the season....he's a very talented eighteen year old, with a huge potential.

I get very disappointed reading some of those who would think they have more knowledge than me...blimey, are they depressing! I want to bang my head against a wall with some of their comments. Some are brilliant though...

Christmas has finally come to our chimney was swept today, and a ton of birds nest was removed...we still have one blocked by Jackdaws nesting, but we've got to remove a stove before we can have that swept. After that, and clearing the dust...the trees were finished...just one more to go, and other little bits are beginning to make the festive feel.

Okay you can arrive...I'm prepared!! ;)

Saturday, 13 December 2008

It's cold...'s wet and it's 4am. Woken by my shoulder pain, the clock said 2:59am, so I came downstairs, found the painkillers and am typing with my right hand.

I've read my football teams website, and our interim manager is staying through the "Festive Season". I'm not sure he feels very festive, if he knows that'll be it! But, it gives him some time to try to raise the team by the boot-straps....for they certainly need something inspirational. Maybe a few supporters in the dressing room would help....and I've just realised the cricket has started again...(please wait whilst I tune in!) peace has come to the world.

I read through some of the blogs I follow, and some I dip's always fun and interesting to read what others are up to, where crafters are showing, and how this world of artisans knows no borders. I'd love to get to a fair in Brooklyn tomorrow, and find a flea market in Los Angeles...view a painting exhibition at a car show room in the Netherlands. I might get to that craft sale I spoke about a couple of weeks ago. It's the last weekend of the craft, though the Christmas shop is open for the rest of the period.

We brought home our tree yesterday. We always have a real one, and now it's waiting to be decorated in the sitting room, and as I can't touch it, it'll have to wait until tomorrow...unless my husband's home early today. I also want to take down a unit in there, move the sofa over, and a cabinet my paternal grandfather made. I'm not sure if it's because things have been "on hold", while we were trying to sell, but I've become restless about homemaking, and now it's been decided life must go the furniture moves, at least! And when the rain stops, and the sweep has been (we've had a rook family living in one chimney), I'll collect some ivy and holly from the garden, and make my other decorations...I use it to decorate the stairs, tables and front door.

And now I need a cuppa...

Friday, 12 December 2008

Sitting looking...

...out my window, at a thick frost spreading out across the fields and hedgerows (I was going to insert a photo here, but my camera has just run out of power), listening to the cricket from India. It's a beautiful morning.

Yesterday I went to my youngest grandson's Christmas play; he was a reindeer. It was about the Faerie Clock Mother helping Mum get ready for Christmas, and they were brilliant. The children are five, six, with a few sevens...infant school age. Those that had narrative, remembered every word, all the dancers knew their steps, and everyone had fun. I miss getting involved with the school things, being a class room assistant, and my sons school librarian, it was always busy.

Today our eldest grandson is off to see Peter Pan in Milton Keynes and the youngest goes Monday. Oh, to have that magic of Christmas again...the innocence of the time. I can remember when I was about five or six, hearing jingled bells outside our window, and my parents convinced me that was Father Christmas' sleigh, and running upstairs to find my pillow full of presents. It was my uncle who lived next door really...but, at that was definitely the sleigh bells. I do love my Christmasses, but they're different now.

Back to my team. It is reported the interim manager has been told he won't get the job permanently, not after the performances of the team, especially the last one on Tuesday, so now all fans are waiting to see who will...and the chatter, rumours and wants go on. It's also reported that one of our ex-managers has told his last club he wants £3m as a pay off. Nice credit crunch if you can get it!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

I promised...

...a few photos of jewellery made a week ago...earrings first...

Party Strands



And some pretty, girlie silver sets...

Orange Blossom


Peach Favour

Strawberry Field

Ice Flower

I've found these to be popular at present, just a light touch of colour and something a little feminine.

The photography is my husbands...he's in training!