Monday, 25 July 2011

Life's been...

...hectic just recently and I know I've neglected everyone.

Quite awhile ago it was suggested I have some input into a shop at Creake Abbey...and this has been going on quietly for a few months.  It was done quietly for several reasons, firstly I had to see if it worked for me, also some conversations with the overall owner...their plans, etc.  Well, I'm now officially there.  Our signs have to be repainted, but we're now Love and the Rose and are stocking both our items, plus gorgeous prints and cards from Amanda Colville of Mangle Prints

and Ella Goodwin of Ella Goodwin Illustration

From Vicki Johnson of Stew Studios in Norwich Red Red Blue we have beautiful lights, scarves and tea towels.

and these lovely little shades from Michelle Bayford.

Other items are there for your perusal...and here's a taste of the whole...

So now you know where I vanished to...

Sunday, 10 July 2011


...I have my oxy-con back to working.  A week ago my oxygen machine, which gives me the oxygen to mix with gas to light my make the beads, broke!  Well, it stopped giving me air.  I had electric, but no after a little panic, I contacted hero, and told him my problem.  By return he suggested the problem and did I need the hose?  Yes...thank you...this arrived so quickly, it was almost here before I could draw breath.  This morning we followed Martin's instructions and replaced the hose...and lo, it works...beautifully!!

So be prepared...there will be new beads forming... Martin Tuffnell of Tuffnell Glass in Yorkshire.

It all...

...starts here.

With thirteen new faces showing up over the last few weeks, it's certainly been a busy pen at my club.  Some old faces have gone and good luck to them with their new teams.  The latest I've seen notes of is Llera who's reportedly training with Blackpool in Portugal.  Of course we'll see some back at the Valley during the season, as they play for opposition.

So...the usual opening game against Welling was yesterday, and reading reports overall it was satisfactory...sticky to start with some good Welling chances, but we survived those and in the second half(with a different eleven) we scored three.  Nice to see new boys get on the score sheet and a triallist too.  I would think a useful lesson.  Next off to sunnier climes as we go to Spain and face two championship sides; these will give a good indicator to how our close season training has gone, and if we're gelling.  Looking at the opposition in League One this year...we're going to need every ounce of gelling we can get!  But, I think we've got the wherewithall to do something special...

Wow!  That was scary...that fence can be awfully high to perch on!  Also..gel can get awfully sticky!!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Don't you...

...just love it when things go wrong!

When I sold my mini for the wee beastie seen below...I thought it was my mini, registered in my name.  So when we were sent a cheque and it arrived in another name, it made me smile...  And when a couple of days later we received paperwork saying a transfer had been made, I wondered.  Could they have the cheque back...please.  Then a few days later the cheque arrived back...with a note, ummm the transfer wasn't actually done, so would we accept the cheque...again in the other name.  Right, the left hand doesn't know what the right's doing, and they can't read.

Move on a couple of weeks and the new registration document arrives...and that's in the wrong name too!  Now, I'm I invisible?  Am I an appendage?  Did I say something?  It was made perfectly clear the document and cheque were the mini was and the new one is....mine!  I wonder who'll get the blame...the two men who dealt with the sale or the girl who works in the office from the documentation she's given!  I have my theory...

Well, if you're near Rudham in Norfolk today, it's their come buy some WI cakes...we do make exceedingly good cakes!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Farmer's Market...!  Always a busy and exhausting day, but so much fun.  Lots of people and goodies...and the holiday season is beginning to swing into existence...if I could find my camera I'd take photos, but there's always the phone. (Amanda...I'll take some).  Had good feedback on the new items, with some disappearing already.  I'll report later...gotta go!