Monday, 31 August 2009

With weeks...

...of fiddling about with bits for friends, and the odd sale(my mind has been elsewhere, sorry about that), I finally got down to some serious bead-making yesterday. I had an order for eighty treacle pud spacers for Texas, which just have to be cleaned and listed ready for September. But, it showed how much I've missed serious making. I've also got some new ideas for jewellery, but those will wait until I'm set up in my new studio.

Photos will follow...

It's the village fete this afternoon. It's a big event in the village calendar, a very good one and our last as villagers. Three of the village organisations gain from it...the WI, the cricket club, and the village hall, plus a charity of choice...the WI arrange the teas(to die for), wine tent...craft plus saleable items, and cake stall(which groans with the number). The cricket club's responsibility is the beer pavilion...and bbq...and then others fill in with car park dabbling...swings...etc... There's also a dog show before, with terrier racing...and a boot sale all day... Book, other craft and general stalls are

If you're ever in the area of the last village in north west Essex on an August bank holiday...come along...and have a good time!

Saturday, 29 August 2009

With the... whistle, we find ourselves still top. Four goals makes very nice reading, especially as Tranmere weren't able to respond. It sounded a very one sided match, but I'll leave others to the full analysis...

Leeds (our closest rivals and tipped to be champions), also won...with two goals, but Colchester managed to score one against them.

So, it's still only goal difference, and nerves will be jangling over the weekend to see if we both can keep our top players.

Roll on Tuesday...5:01pm!! For two reasons...


...I just knew I shouldn't have mentioned our house move!

Having expected to exchange contracts this last week, what does our lady in Norfolk do? She vanishes...having left her solicitor a phone message over Thursday night, saying she's gone away for the weekend and will be back Tuesday to exchange! Her words. She knew everyone had it all set for Friday, after the messing about on Thursday,, she couldn't tell or mention it then, she just went. If it doesn't happen Tuesday...that's it, the top pulls out...and no one moves. I won't tell you my reaction...

I noticed this morning that Wade Small, who Charlton had signed on a non-contract basis, has signed for Chesterfield on a years contract. We play against Tranmere Rovers this afternoon with an unchanged side.

Friday, 28 August 2009

My oh my...

...maybe my house sale and move is mirroring Charlton's takeover saga! Though I do think ours has been in negotiations longer!

Needless to say...this week's been as convoluted as all the others, with the top and bottom of our little chain arguing over a difference of eleven days! The top wanted to move on the 7th October...the bottom(our buyers)...wouldn't budge from the 18th...but that's a Sunday. Having suggested the 16th, which our solicitor thought a good idea, I finally got the phone call at 5:10 last night...everyone had agreed that date. Too late for the money to I'm just waiting for the second confirmation call, saying we're all done and dusted....and we have exchange!

I tell you...after nearly twelve months from the first viewing and offer on the house we're buying...I can't believe we're within touching distance of the last hurdle...we won't cross the tape until October! Chickens and counting come to mind!

I see from other Charlton blogs, there's some anticipation that Charlton may have a done deal soon too...and not before time either! One of their youngsters Yado Mambo has been allowed to join Welling United on a work experience basis, which means he can still play for Charlton's a good idea for him, with a lack of experience at his tender age...this will only help. But, by allowing it...we have no proper cover for central defence, we only have the ability to resuffle who (Youga and Semedo) we have already playing, and cover their regular positions! Maybe this means Parkinson will have the money to sign cover...

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Aiming for...

...another win, our fourth consecutive one. We find ourselves entertaining Walsall this afternoon. We will be one player light, as Andy Gray has (at last) landed his transfer to Barnsley. The young man has had an unsettled stay at the Valley, when his wife became seriously ill, and he then had a pelvic injury. He is now heading back to where his heart and family are...north. I hope he does although things didn't work out with his venture south, and we didn't see the best of him, there were things conspiring against that. He has signed initially on loan, with the permanent deal being signed next week.

Several years ago...more than I care to remember, I started writing out my family tree. At that time, before the days of the internet and television programmes about the hows, I just asked questions of those members of family that were closest. It really only consisted of family members of memory. Now, with access to numerous websites and history societies, etc, you can dig backwards for several hundred years with relative success. About three or four years ago I signed up to one of these websites, and started piecing my tree together. With a maiden name of Smith...I have constraints. Anyway, my tree now consists of over a thousand names, as I've gradually widened the search with cousins families. Along side of my tree, I started my husbands...his tree hasn't too many of the more common names, but has other complications. One of which gave me, with my sister, a visit to the London Metropolitan Archives yesterday, and although I found the archived book/ didn't provide the answer I hoped. So now I have to visit the London Records Office and trawl through their records for 1860/61. We were also trying to check for one of our Mum's ancesters, who was a freeman of the City...we couldn't find that, but will return to the search armed with more information.

My husband works just down the road from the Archives, and meeting for lunch we went to The Peasant in Clerkenwell, and had a very nice lunch of roast cod... We can recommend it, it's away from the main areas of the City, and a busy, yet peaceful eatery. We walked back down towards the Clerkenwell Road, there are a few little shops, and as a lady who can't resist a "few little shops", I dragged my sister into one, you know the type...those little gift type shops, the type which through just at the end of the road my husband works, he doesn't know exists! In there...sweetness that she is, my sister bought me an early birthday pressie. A bracelet of lime seed beads, strands and strands of them...and I love it! My family are all reluctant to buy me jewellery items, because I make...but, who can't resist a gift. It's simple but beautiful. Thank you so much...I do love it!

We continued on our way, to complete our day's research in visiting the area in which our great grandfather was born...St Bartholomew the Great, at Smithfield (see photos below)...and then walking through to the Museum of London(under refurbishment). It's a great place to visit, though better when it's all open, which will be 2010. It's the museum which houses the Lord Mayors golden coach...has a whole section on the great fire of London.

Whilst walking to the museum, I had a phone call from Norfolk. It seems that all is now speeding along and we're seeing our solicitor this week. After all this delay, the people who our Norfolk lady is buying from are pushing, and wants things completed and all of us moved early October...we should get our answers this week...hence the visit to the solicitor. If she'd filled in forms months ago, we'd have been able to sign contracts a couple of weeks ago, and there'd be none of this pushing or panic from her. Maybe now we'll get to sign something relevant! And those little pink flying things might actually land...

Smithfield Market entrance

Archway to St Bartholomew's the Great

The old and the new. Part of the old priory.

Entrance to St Bartholomew's the Great - Smithfield.

Friday, 14 August 2009

The postman...

...knocked, but I was already at the door, opening it before he had time to let the knocker loose. There in his hand was a box, I couldn't keep the grin from spreading...he must have wondered what I was receiving, as I said thank you, quickly closed the door and disappeared back into the house with my parcel.

I placed it carefully on the table, gently peeling the tape away...and opening my box. Pillows of air surrounded a cone of blue tissue, tied with red twine, threaded with, aptly, a blue bead. I pulled the bow apart, gently unrolled the tissue, and there...looking up at me was my beautiful goosey.

She's beautiful...and utterly gorgeous.
Gretel is amazingly clever...all her art is gorgeous, little goosey is special.

Thank you so much for her...and thank you for your's made a wonderfully bright morning...

su xx

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I think...

...I want to hit my head on a brick wall, or rather...I don't want to, but that's how it's feeling!

The paperwork duly arrived with a later than normal post this morning(always the same when you're waiting), and eagerly I opened the envelope to discover the completed forms within.

Okay, read the covering letter, and checked the contents...that's the first thing that didn't tie up, some copy letters were missing! *sigh* Then, skating through the different forms...the first made sense...the second made some sense...the third, which rooms were which?! Dining room? What dining room? There isn't one! Anyway, whichever dining room is being talked about, the fitted carpet is seemingly going...which is fine, if we know what we're talking about...and the same with some of the curtains. Of course, all these forms weren't signed either. Now, these have gone through the hands of two sets of solicitors, and I find they're not signed! Though ours did mention he still hadn't got the answer to two questions asked at the end of April, but her solicitors have not been able to get the answers either. I contacted her estate agent, and they're now on the case. Frog-marching was mentioned!

A condition of her purchase is she acts and signs quickly...yeah, right!

I'm now going to drown myself with Ben and Jerry...

Monday, 10 August 2009

Keep your...

...fingers crossed, we know some post is coming from our solicitors, and we know some post arrived at theirs from Norfolk on Friday. So, you never know...we might just be a step closer, but then....we might not!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

A new start...

...and a fresh game.

Yesterday saw the opening game of the season for my team in red. A strong start...not quite on the Colchester (1-7 against Norwich in Norwich) scale of openings, but still a win, and I'll go with those anyway they come.

A strong and positive start saw us two goals to the good, but scarily they came via a defender (Dailly) and a midfielder (Bailey), but two goals are two goals! Then Llera clashed heads, and had to leave the field for eleven stitches(can someone on the official site please tell the writer how to spell stiches!), and we sat back and tried to mess the ball around, and that's when the opposition scored. Semedo seemed to be going from midfield into defence, and then back...trying to cover two positions at once. The second half, again we showed well, but Wycombe had that goal and it raised their confidence...until we scored our third, again from a defender(Llera), before they came back at us again, after some loose play. Towards the end of the game Gray(substitute) had a chance, but he was already down and the stretch was a little too far to get force into the shot, and it was an easy clutch for their goalkeeper...the referee was also substituted, Mr George coming on for Mr Deadman(sound like characters from Dickens), and Rob Elliot saved our dignity in some goalmouth scrambles, having made a couple of questionable decisions during the early part of the game, but he wasn't the only one...there were nerves showing...I'm sure the players know how much depends on this season, and what this coming week could hold. There's got to be some tension around the club...and we were also carrying some injuries at the back. It's being reported Dailly has a damaged rib from before the match, and Richardson was injured at half time. So three of our back four have injuries...and we're not the strongest in that department. The midfield needs to tighten up too...and I felt sometimes Shelvey played as though he believed all the hype surrounding him, other times you could see his understanding of the game, which belies his tender years. You tell me which seventeen year old who wouldn't be affected by what's been said about him all summer.

All in all, it's a good game to have got under our belts...we showed we can play good football, but we also showed we can dig deep and pull together. It also showed some of our we just need to take the positives and work on the negatives.

As I've said, we're not season ticket holders this year, and we watched this game from the Upper North Stand, rather than the Lower...surrounded by people(most having moved seats) who enjoyed the match, were friendly...and had fun. It's where I'll be watching any further games from, I'll also be ordering my tickets before the game, as I understand there were queues for match day tickets(crowd of 16500). We also visited the Royal Oak...and boy, was it humming...with punters spilling outside. The landlady will do well, if that continues.

A busy journey home ended the day...

Saturday, 8 August 2009

And now to...

...Great Dixter, the family home of Christopher of this country's great gardeners.

The house is mainly medieval, with additions by Sir Edwin Lutyens, who was commissioned in 1910 to remodel the house by Nathaniel Lloyd, Christopher's father. He kept to the faith of the original building, by dismantling "modern" elements, and adding/saving half another medieval house as a wing. You can't see the join.

The house itself is filled with the normal household items found in an Edwardian home, Christopher had more modern tastes and commissioned several pieces from Rupert Williamson...whose furniture I fell in love with.

But...Christopher Lloyd is most famous as a designer of gardens, and his own at Great Dixter has a wealth of inspiration. He was no follower of convention, but ploughed his own furrow...even digging up the rose garden, in whose place now sits an exotic one, with banana's growing where roses once bloomed. He was not keen on roses, but you do find the odd one dotted about the gardens.

I hope you enjoy the views...

And although Christopher Lloyd died in 2006, his choice of successor in Fergus Garrett is seamless...having worked together for several years .

Friday, 7 August 2009

We might have...

...light at the end of this tunnel. I'm not talking about the closure of one of the Dartford bores today, but the fact that it seems our solicitor has received some paperwork at last from Norfolk, regarding our house purchase. It's only taken since the beginning of April, when the standard questions were sent north.

Now it all rests on how fast three sets of solicitors can work. The theory is we would be moving in, we've just got to get that into practice.

On another front, it seems things at Charlton have been moving...the players swapping squad numbers, with the reallocation of some, and the disappearance of others. Plus, Nicky Bailey has been made captain...that tends to indicate he'll be sticking around for a while, despite some fans pessimism over his imminent departure, all summer. Who knows, he might change his mind...but, I'll keep the I have so far this close season.

A further light has been muttered in the SLP, with a further report regarding the takeover of Charlton...announcement next week, if they're right.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


...we'll be watching. Eventually, I've ordered our tickets for this weeks opening game at the Valley!

Sky Sports are also looking for a blogger to be their
FanZone correspondent for Charlton. I know several people I'd love to read,'s time and commitment to the cause.

Our days in

...East Sussex...

At last, I've uploaded my photos taken when we had our short break in Udimore, East Sussex. The village is nestled between Rye and Hastings, and just away from the coast behind Winchelsea. Although only there for two nights, we made the most of our one spending most of the morning in Winchelsea, one of the Cinque Ports and then the rest of the day at Great Dixter...the garden designed by Christopher Lloyd. It's an amazing cacophony of colour, both subtle and riotous...with plantings you'd never consider. It's somewhere I've promised myself I'd visit for too long, and how glad I am to have been now...but, Winchelsea first.

Winchelsea Museum

and the town well

St Thomas the Martyr

Strand Gate

The town inn...

To the sea

The view to Rye

The view to our B and B

"No comment!"

It's a beautiful town, well worth a visit, and we were lucky with the weather, having a gloriously sunny day, when all around us had been torrential rain.