Thursday, 23 October 2008

Didn't you just know...

...that phase one of the excitement would vanish in a cloud of economic excuses. Ah well, I'll still turn up for my team on Saturday. Phase 2 is still pending...but, I think that might disappear the same way...silence is never golden!

Apart from that I received two stunning brooches from a talented lady in Kent. She sells on Etsy, and is Sew Lovely. Do take a look.

That silence just got broken...and laughable is not the word...we now await developments.

I'm going into enthusiasm vanished...

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

That tomorrow came...

...and went very fast. Luckily it's not life or death, and so far not the move or not. It was just the football match, and predictably we didn't win...I'm not going to ruminate further, there are better than me at doing that. Back to the brighter side of things....

I listed some new beads yesterday...nothing extravagant, somehow I don't trust that around here at present, but with getting ready for a jewellery sale, the beads have taken a bit of a back burner, so it was nice to get some out there again. I'm pleased with what there is though. I should post some photos....and also some of my jewellery. I'll sort that soon.

I must admit with the jewellery I've been a hoarder of beads, and now, gradually that hoard is disappearing, so soon enough I'll be out looking for complementary beads, especially as I can use my own lamp-works now. I do like a bit of sparkle too, and silver usually, though having just started some copper items, they're becoming popular.

Awhile ago I bought some natural crystal pillows, absolutely clear, and cut to perfection. I used a few in a couple of mixed bracelets, but have just made a necklace with matching ear-rings with the rest, no colour just these crystals and a few Swarovski crystal bicones...I think at present that's my favourite...there's just so much sparkle, and it's perfect for anytime including Christmas. I'm hoping I can get some more, and make myself'll be my treat to me, and we all need those on occasions.


Midnight Garden

Seas Secrets

and last but not least...spacers, those little gems that complete and complement.


If anyone wants a particular colour, we can talk...I have a wide range of colours, including specials...please see what's in my shop, and sold items. Also with the jewellery...I love experimenting with others contact me and we can arrange.

Monday, 20 October 2008


I actually got to pick a Treasury on Etsy....Old London Town...


I like it!

Sitting on hands...

that's what it feels as though I'm doing, or having to do.

It all started quite excitedly just over a week ago, and for those who don't know...we're trying to sell our house, this market...and no, not because we have to. So...a call from the agents and our first viewers want to return, this is a couple of months after their first and second visits...the call was on that Thursday. On the Friday, after spik and spanning for the afternoon, I sat down with a cuppa to watch some news, trying to keep abreast of the financial cyclone we're all enduring, and I decided I'd watch some sport news instead...there's only so much monetary implosions you can take in a week. There, before my eyes the news reader was talking about my team, and...yes...the prospect of money being available, via new owners. I couldn't quite work out which I was more excited about...our viewers, or Charlton being wealthy!! Both were a heady mix.

Saturday came, as did our viewers...and deciding there were things they wanted to check with our local planning department, they left. As for was an international weekend, so no match...*phew*, my pulse couldn't have taken that! Monday came, and all was quiet until lunchtime, when our agent phoned, to confirm that our viewers were indeed checking things out...still all quiet from Charlton though, and it remained quiet all patient...don't think about it! Sit on your hands...make yourself busy...though how you do that at the same time, I'm not sure!! A call Friday from the agents, and they're still checking...though I know the office told them they could see no reason why they couldn't do what they wanted.

So here I am in the next's still quiet...and I'm waiting...with trepidation for the phone to ring, or the radio to tell me that Charlton are still home owned, another game poorer...and further down the league...tomorrow, there must be a tomorrow!! Ah yes....we play Bristol City....

Sunday, 19 October 2008

A little reason...

as to why the photo of Bamburgh Beach is there. We went with our eldest son and family this summer, and it was the first time we'd stopped in Northumberland, using it as a gateway to Scotland previously.

It was the week before the rain and floods, and we were happy to see that sunshine adorned the hilly countryside. The photo looks out from the dunes, in which we misplaced our way, across the beach, and the view of the beach is in August...out across the sea to Lindisfarne. We didn't quite make that, but we will. We had too much to see inside a week...and any reason to return is a good one, and although we didn't stop, the town of somewhere else that will be visited. It's so pretty, and anyone who lives're a lucky person. But then...there are places all over the world where we're lucky to live, for varying reasons.

We did visit Newcastle and discovered a wonderful museum about the city and area, the Tyne and Wear Discovery Museum, and when the city's rid itself of its roadworks, confusing road signs, points a visitor in the right direction, then it looks like a nice place to visit further...but, until that time...take a train!

Another reason for the photo...I love large beaches, sea...and very few occupants!

Relax and let time spread before you...

One foot before the other...

This looks like the result of a promise...I promised I was going to move my blog to a more comfortable environment, and this is the result. I'm sure as I gather knowledge of what moves, and how this goes together, things will change, and grow. I think a blog is a very organic thing.

I'm sure over time there will be many views on....whatevers. Be they work, its many varied forms, my team...with its complexity of emotions...and the meaning of life, mine need to check your own for yourselves.

I have placed some blogs I read regularly at the side, along with the start of links to those places I love...and whose work I could sit and stare at for hours...I'm sure this will change and grow over time.

Please don't vanish if I get a little...self indulgent at times. Trying to move at this present time in the financial....flip, is not the most constructive thing in the world. You just have to keep thinking of the positives...those things that are close to you.

So, welcome to this world of mine...enter its doors...and partake of a world of opposites.