Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A second...

...goalkeeper comes through the gates at the Valley, though he has been through them before.  John Sullivan a loan player from Millwall has signed on a free transfer.

At 23 he is set to fight for the number one shirt with Robbie Elliot.  A Seagulls fan let's hope he helps us emulate their achievement of the last season.

...and what happened yesterday?  I think most people didn't think we'd win after a soggy first test against Sri Lanka, but what a two hours!  And a win by an innings and whatever runs was achieved.

I also managed three out of three for the play-offs...no money passed hands, but the winners were as predicted!  During yesterdays game they kept referring back to our match against Sunderland, and how special it was...I'll agree to that!

Monday, 30 May 2011

A walk...

...in the sunshine.

Living in Norfolk we have some beautiful beaches to walk.  You can visit the wide spaces of Holkham, where Stephen Fry stood for the credits of Kingdom, and where Kiera Knightly and Gwenyth Paltrow also have.  You can go to our Jurassic beaches below cliffs, yes, Norfolk has cliffs!  At Sheringham and Runton to the east, and Hunstanton in the west, you can look for your fossils too.  You can twitch with the best as bird watchers abound over the salt marshes and reserves.  But, the other day I decided to visit another place.

When you say Burnham most people think of Burnham Market, a large village which has grown a reputation for holiday homes and select shopping, and was originally three villages.  But, Burnham Market isn't the only Burnham and is in fact only one of several Burnham villages.  Burnham Deepdale, Burnham Norton, Burnham Overy Town, Burnham Thorpe(Nelson's birthplace) and Burnham Overy Staithe.  Staithe is Old English for "landing place", and this is where I went for my walk.

Parking free on the quay is a blessing, just along from the local "The Hero".  The Norfolk Coastal Path runs along the dunes you can see in the distance.  A path has been raised through the salt marshes and you can pick sea spinach along the way.  You nod and chat to other walkers, all friendly, but if you time it right you won't meet many if you don't want to.

Looking back

The creeks

On the way

The beach

Homeward bound...

Sunday, 29 May 2011

And I...

...forgot to show you this...

 A fun light pull called "North Norfolk", as it looks like the sand, sea and sky of our beautiful coastline...

Saturday, 28 May 2011

I promised...

...a view of those buttons, now didn't I.

...and my new jewellery sticker...WRJ.

The red heart is now sold. 

Thursday, 26 May 2011



Well, that pen's getting some early use at the Valley, as the signings keep on coming.

Charlton yesterday agreed terms for a new 'keeper, Nick Pope from Bury Town (St Edmunds) with a two year contract.  A nineteen year old former Ipswich academy student.  He signs next month.

On the making front...I made a light pull yesterday.  Designed with ivory and misty blue glass, it looks like the sand dunes and beach with the sea, with several beads topping it, all threaded on a blue leather cord.  I've left it at the shop, but I will take a picture of it (if it's still there) next time I visit.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

An early...

...start to the summer signings.

The ball is hardly stored away until next season and we have signed our first new faces of the summer.  Danny Hollands has been signed on a three year deal.  A midfielder who left Bournemouth on Monday, signed for us on Tuesday...would that some others could find work that quickly.  A defensive midfielder who scores.  It is reported as "this is the first of many new signings".  It was quickly followed by the signing of another midfielder, another Bradley...Bradley Pritchard signed on a years contract with an option for a further year.

 Danny Hollands

 Bradley Pritchard

It gives a warm feeling having signings this early, we're so used to having to wait...you can feel the hope rising already.

Kelly Youga...a player I've always liked, has been given the opportunity to prove his fitness in pre-season.  After the devastating injury he received in October 2009, he has been given this opportunity...and if he can get back his "game", then we have a player back we've been sorely missing.  I, for one, wish him well.

 Kelly Youga

We were told they'd be changes this summer, but I don't think anyone thought it would be this early....you just hope it is!

Monday, 23 May 2011


and Look and Hearts....

These buttons are sublime...

Don't you just love them!!  Watch out for them coming your way soon!  All made into something different.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

And the...

...dream goes on.

Heartbreak for those Luton fans who have seen, what some might say, was more than a discrepancy in the punishments metered out this season, but...the original Wimbledon...the team...AFC Wimbledon, formed after the others decamped to MK and who are, according to their own owner, nothing to do with the originals, won.  So, the club who was formed in 2002 will be playing league football next season after winning the play-off final on penalties.

I wish them well...

Also, while we are talking about what the majority of us watch...non-Premier League or Championship football....my eldest grandson won Clubman of the Year, for his age group...voted by the managers of the club.  So looking for a left wing...   

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


...as promised here are some photos.

They're leather, silk and vintage or handmade buttons of varous designs.  They're backed with a pin clasp, and are all handsewn.

I'm rather pleased with them. 

Monday, 16 May 2011

Feet touching...

...floor at last!

Well, that was some month that was!  I can't even remember everything that went on, but at last I think I'm back to a relatively normal week.  

I didn't mention the...person who managed to bounce his car off mine a couple of weeks ago.  Came round a blind bend at me and after I'd pulled off the road and stopped he hit my wing, scored the door and smashed the mirror.  It is being mended.

Appeared at my first craft fair for ages yesterday, and though it wasn't the best for me, I did get to meet some lovely people and had some encouraging comments.   There were some gorgeous items for sale too...I could have spent too much!!

I also must tell you of my sister...she completed the London Moonwalk...and we're very proud of her!  She's a wonder!!

Back on the making theme, I have been making some brooches...they will be for sale on Etsy this week, and photos will be here soon.  Stitching leather isn't fun...or at least that's what my thumb is telling me.