Monday, 24 May 2010

Another busy...

...and gloriously sunny weekend.

We started by painting the ceiling of our "new" kitchen...and now it's all white, rather than an off white flavoured with an underlay of green shades.

Then off to town(Fakenham) as the monthly Farmer's Market was in full swing, arriving just as some were packing away.  If you're around on the fourth Saturday of a month it's well worth a visit...with stalls as diverse as Norfolk wine, to handmade willow baskets, bread, cakes(the nice lady gave us two slices of each), plants...meat, fish...veggies, handmade shoes, bird seed...etc...  We did pick up some bits we wanted, including a perfect willow basket for the kitchen...then into the church for the Craft Market...there I bought a little box for a forthcoming project, and a "love" cushion for the spare bedroom(I'm making the rest, but couldn't resist the little embroidered butterflies).

Like most towns we have a local department store, here it's Aldiss, and sells things from sofas to towels...and even has a chocolate factory outlet (Kinnertons) in the corner.  Anyway, another bargain was found...and we came away with a knocked about "posh" kitchen trolley, for a fraction of the original price!  Chipped paint after having a bit of sandpaper brushed over it, gives just the right look.

So a successful visit....

On my way into and from town I pass a fellow bloggers home, and as she was having an Open Studio weekend, (also the next two)...we used the excuse and went to visit.  Debbie Osborn Art and Design
is a genius at making things from the unusual, as well as a creative artist...and makes the most sublime and welcomed elderflower cordial...for which I must get her recipe!  Being followed around her garden by Louise, Martha, Miriam and Tildy(I think that's right!), with Katie hiding in the undergrowth having a squawk at us...  I'm sure they were checking Debbie wasn't going too far from sight.  We wish her and Mr O the best with the open weekends. 

And then home to check the ceiling...fine!  Dig...paint...finish plinths...cheer Blackpool...

Now all that's left to finish is to hang the lining paper and find a piece of wood!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I'm trying... rake up enough enthusiasm and energy to walk to work,  I did work until midnight last night, having given myself the evening off to watch my team in the League One play off semi final, we lost on penalties having gone into the second leg behind and having then played ourselves into a lead last night, we had a loose moment in defence and their eighteen year old became a hero for the second match, to draw them level.  I hate penalty shoot outs, I always have...some say they give the game excitement, but I've always detested them, ever since their inception.  So it's not sour grapes because we lost, and I'm not sure how you'd replace them either...I'm not a mover and shaker within the game!  Maybe the third team should be this case Millwall, after all they did get the points!  Okay, so shoot me!

So now, where does that leave my beloved team...if you read certain accounts, from certain papers...we have a whistle blower...since when have we had those?  We had always been a friendly, family orientated, well run club...held up as such, but now we have, reportedly, a whistle blower?!  Or cause for one...which is more to the point!  I'm sure some will take great delight in that...but, as supporters of the game of football, not your or my specific allegiance, we have to wonder where this game of ours is going.  With parachute payments for the clubs coming down from the Premier League set to rise to £48m over four years from £16m over two, where exactly does that leave everyone else!?  We know from experience being relegated is expensive, trying to cut your cloth accordingly for the income of a lower league, and those contracts with players and managers are signed in blood it seems....air tight, water tight, and fireproof!  And if you subsisted on the weekly turnover of the Premier might be lucky if you can keep your team together for a push straight back, probably though you couldn't.  Then you need to gather together a team to be ready for the next season, that bouncing straight back...but, you have to have them in place, playing together from the outset...and that's not always possible, throw in some injuries during a season see where this goes...  That £48m even at £12m a year is a good starting point to keeping your team or the nucleus of it, together.  Go lower and what's happened to Leeds over the last few years shows what can happen.  To get the right manager with the right players at the right's expertise, isn't it?  Or maybe just plain luck!

So last night...Nicky Bailey missed one penalty, one shot of the second in a lifetime.  It was cruel...he was devastated...but, at least he was brave enough to put himself there, to place that ball on that little white spot and try... Me?  I wouldn't have even been able to pick the ball up, let alone run and kick the thing. 

So I hope he'll be there next season to lead, but I have a feeling he won't be...I hope the team that played their hearts out last might will be there, but they won't be, either returning to their home clubs from loan...or moving on.  And please don't say Liverpool to me!  What about our youngsters?

Okay, now I'm walking to work!

Thursday, 13 May 2010


...did I have time to go out to work!

I spent the morning making beads, including these focals...

The two different types of glass I've used give the beautiful metallic finish, when heated differently in the flame.  I love making focals...I don't do that enough!

I top-dressed my herb garden...spread some muck about!

Put some chicken wire along the top of the fence behind our summer house, as the horse in the field that wraps around two sides of our garden, could put his head over and was chewing the back window ledge on the summer house.

Cleaned and finished the beads made this morning...

Normal house things in between...and chasing up some of the new kitchen bits.

....though I did get some time to do some embroidery when my dinner was cooking!  

I know how I get more time these's being content doing what I do!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

I'm a...

...newbie again!

I've just put my first item on Folksy.

I know it's only one item with one photo, but I have to change my way of cropping pictures so they're square...but it's there... ;)

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Su's Charmed...

...By Charlton

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I was interviewed by Gary Haines for the Charlton programme, and this was printed in the one for the Carlisle game.  It's been mentioned that not everyone got to the game...and would I please print the goes.

She may live deep in Canaries territory, but the Addicks will always be precious to one long-serving supporter from Fakenham.  Gary Haines finds out about her unique jewellery collection and penchant for Peacock blue.

There's been plenty to cheer about for fans in Norfolk this season, with Norwich City seemingly destined for an immediate return to the Championship.
But one creative supporter from the region remains proud of her red and white heritage, and is hoping Charlton can follow suit in the campaign's closing weeks.
Jewellery designer Su Mose is happy to broach the subject of her Addicks heroes at any time.
A former season-ticket holder who lived on the borders of Belvedere, Erith and Bexleyheath before relocating to Fakenham last year, she was first charmed by Charlton in 1963/64.
"My allegiance comes from my Dad, who took me to a game against Manchester City when I was eight.  I was immediately hooked."
"We used to stand on the Eastern Terrace, and from there I could shout at and cheer for Keith Peacock on the wing.  I was never allowed near the Covered End, which is probably why I love being there now."
"It's quite funny, really; my Mum used to see Keith and his son Gavin when he visited his Mum's shop in Belvedere.  A lady fainted once, and Keith was off grabbing a cold sponge and mopping her face.  There were no delicate smelling salts- those were the days when a cold sponge healed all!"
Su, who runs Wayward Rose Jewellery, keeps in touch with Valley events mainly via the internet and the ever popular CAFC Player video website...

(it then goes on to the don't want that bit)...

Su, is hoping Charlton can clasp promotion come May - beating Norwich in the process.
"I was talking to a Norwich director last summer, and he smiled when he learned I supported Charlton.  He said he forgave me, and suggested that we would get automatic promotion and they'd be in for a tough fight.  I'm sure that he, like all their fans, is more than a little happy so far."
"Others who know of my allegiance smile indulgently at my folly, then go on to mention Grant Holt and Wes Hoolahan.  With the home game coming soon, I'd love to have some bragging rights, so I'm really hoping for a win."

Well, we can't have everything, now can we.  

I hope Mr Haines doesn't mind the reprinting...and please don't work out the age takes all the mystery away!!