Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Results tonight....

...have been kind to us. With the only team winning being Brighton and that over our next week opponents Colchester.

A lot of those games in hand have now been played, with Carlisle being the only club having played less, and we find ourselves one place worse off than at the weekend. Oldham jumped us, but have now played one game more.

I think we can have a small wave of optimism wash over us. Days like today are good... Our Saturday game is huge. It's against Rochdale, who are just two points behind us, with a similar goal difference.

How strangely...

...my interim banner has suddenly become clear, without me doing a thing!

At the weekend we finished taking all the old, smelly units out of the old kitchen, discovered a wall which hadn't been plastered, and had just cement on it, which isn't good for something that's four hundred years old. Decisions need to be made about that now. We also started to take another of our newer stud walls down, which will open up the old kitchen to the door at the bottom of the stairs, then close up a second door and give us a longer wall for our bookshelves. We also need to find someone who can repair our diamond leaded light window. One of those plastic window fans needs to come out and the hole made good...so if you know one...we contacted one specialist, but they wanted to make a whole new panel. I feel a call to SPAB coming on!

And...my team has made their first permanent signing of this transfer window. BWP (Bradley Wright-Phillips) has moved east from west. Being a Lewisham lad he's not far from home!

Saturday, 22 January 2011


...wanting a slightly warmer feel and going pink! It's still a work in progress as my banner won't stay sharp, sorry for the fuzziness!

I also need to download some new brushes and fonts! If M7 will let me...

PS...my team won!! Woohoo for Sir Chris!! And after today he's handed the mantle to Robbie (fans will understand!)

A little...

...excursion into Swaffham yesterday found me visiting the Assembly Rooms craft market which is there each Friday.

It's a mix of bits, some secondhand items, some new...a couple of jam makers, knitters and such, but there was a gem. Tucked away at the end of the run of tables was a lady who makes the most beautiful felt items.

You can find her Etsy shop here...She Felt Fanciful. Do visit, you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


...getting there!

At last I've had time to get some beads listed...

...amongst other colours, and sets...(see shop link on the right side of this blog)

Also to choose a Hot Chocolate Treasury...

Hot Chocolate...to keep you warm this winter!

Friday, 14 January 2011

And now...

...we have a new manager, and one who knows us, has the strength of character to deal with issues, and I wish him all.

Brilliant..."Sir" Chris Powell...Charlton manager! It just sounds and feels so right...

Also, PP was the ex-Colchester expert at their game against Bournemouth tonight...and was, as one would expect, very dignified about last weeks and todays events. Colchester won.

And for all non-footballing matters, normal service will return tomorrow!

I am sitting...

...here waiting for the next T20 international to start, watching the sports news in the meantime, and as always Sky give a review of the newspapers...and this report came along.

"Sir" Chris Powell met with Charlton owners and they were so impressed with his enthusiasm, qualities and vision for the club they offered him the job on the spot. Also reported, was the fact he turned down an offer from Newcastle six days ago, to go north as Pardew's number two. Resigned from Leicester, with Sven telling Chris that if it doesn't work at Charlton, his job at Leicester will be there.

Some say it's idiocy to give him the job, but he's loved and respected by the fans, he knows the club, he has authority within the sport as he was the players representative, he has his coaching badges, he is no mug...and I'm pretty sure he'll not suffer any fools or slackness, and will work the players giving them the backbone they've been lacking recently. If, this does come to pass as expected, I'm for it. We need to remember, we are a League One team with expectations, we need some serious rebuilding, and now we have a bit of money this is the ideal opportunity for all to be renewed and refreshed. I liked PP, but for whatever reason things seemed to drift, this I feel will be different...but, like I've said before, what do I know, I'm just a fan!


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Now that's...


I found myself a little card reader and can now upload/download my photos. So...be prepared...I am finding my way around the new vision.

I made this heart for my daughter in law's birthday next week. The "hanging" ribbon comes from their wedding cake, and I made a little sachet of Provence lavender for it's centre. I am quite pleased with it.

I speak to my Mum every day, usually at least twice a day, and today she passed a website on. It was noted in her local paper. She professes not to be a football supporter, though always phones after the matches of my team and hers...she used to support West Ham speedway team and her parents were West Ham supporters and went to the 1923 FA cup final...so, she's a WH fan. But, this link is for a Charlton legend, and as we're in a week of posts regarding other Charlton legends...here's one that no one can deny.

Bartram, The Blitz and Beyond

You might have seen it already...but, a little history in this sea of futures.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

All change...

....and not just with the management.

Having taken new photos of beads, my nice shiney new laptop tells me it's not compatible with my nice old camera, or at least the latest offering from microsoft isn't! Both pieces of hardware are the same manufacturer, but that little piece of software gets between them! So, now I have to find a way of circumventing it, or still go to the dear desktop to download them.

I know we're in the throes of looking for a new manager, but I feel for Roy Hodgson tonight...never really given a chance at the red side of Liverpool, he now joins the list of unemployed football managers. Six months and so many days in charge with the spectre of Kenny hanging over him...literally, he now finds himself ousted in favour of said Kenny...

And a sadder and more important note...I lost my last uncle yesterday.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Ah well...

...and another loss with a what do I know!

My clubs new regime will now include a new management team, with Phil and the band getting the early dismissal. I guess the lacklustre loss last night was the final straw, and having a change in formation practise just three hours prior to the match doesn't engender too much faith. Bookies favourite...Dennis...one has already closed his book on him. But, having placed Keith in the hot seat for the interim, I don't expect anything to happen in the next couple of days...but, what do I know! I'm only a fan!

Anyway, today brings us back to normality...beads made and sent out, house without decorations, and talk of the next house project...sitting here, I'm voting for new heating! Just which...ecolocially ethical, oil...or something else. (We don't have mains gas near)...just give me an extra log for now!