Thursday, 17 February 2011

The new...

...colours flew out the door, so I've made a few more and colours of spacers.

There are a couple more, but they're still waiting to be cleaned...

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sometimes... just have a surprise or two.

Having ordered some new colours in the glass rods I use for my lampworking, they arrived as I knew they would within two days, and now I have some new colours cooling in the kiln.  Anticipation is rife...

But over the weekend we ordered some bits for our renovations from companies we didn't know...  Ordering late Saturday afternoon and being given a three to five working day delivery timescale, both parcels arrived separately today.  So now we will be able to get some of the years of gunk off our beams...non caustic SPAB recommended, and repair a leaded window which had one of those horrendous round plastic fans put into it, damaging both lead and glass.  We've also found our new floor from a local timber yard, but not ordered yet!

A big thank you to both companies, for their exceptionally fast delivery, and for giving this customer a smile.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Having a...

...trial day today and these are the result.

My beads, some silk, silver and threads...bracelet, cuffs...what you will, but vibrant, certainly.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

If you...

....remember a year ago, we started to dismantle two rooms to make them into our new kitchen, and demolished walls, new floors and electric are some views of our kitchen.

We made our own peg board and shelving.  The day hearts were a Christmas present from my sister, the round wire thingy is my toaster, the patchwork spice square is from a visit to Cape Cod...I'm very proud of the worktop I made from a couple of our spare slate floor tiles, and the tiling behind my cooker...all my own work!

This little wall unit we brought from our old had been relegated to the shed there!  The large earthenware jug I made several years ago.

This is my crockery hides a multitude of dishes too.  An old victorian oak cupboard gathered in a shop in Dereham.  The huge mixing bowl was snapped up from a friend who was throwing it away.

Now this was my last years birthday present.  A few days spent in Derbyshire and this is what came home with us.  We think it must be a sweet shop scales as it only goes to 2lb.  The orchid was a new home present sixteen months ago.  It was in flower then and they lasted for six months, it has been flowering again for about six weeks.

This is an old blanket box that belonged to my parents.  It was a bit battered, but with the addition of little bun feet and a new cover, we have a new seat and I have a new needlework box!

And of Gretel's handmade beauties watching over us.  The clay pipe, we dug out of the garden, and we think is an old design of about the 1700's.

There...part of our kitchen, as promised.

Saturday, 5 February 2011


...welcome on the first Saturday of the month is a visit to North Creake Farmer's Market.  

You can gather enough food to keep you happy, from veg to beautifully made fresh ready meals.  Spices, sauces, jams, cakes and beautifully fragrant macarons.  You can visit the Caribbean, Thailand, India and Norfolk.  Award winning pies, award winning chef.  Plants...sheepskins, beef, pork, chickens, lamb...and the most beautiful soups.

On the way back home a swerve to Great Walsingham to visit The Walsingham Barns, where you can visit a new shop... Gary Haigh-Smith has moved from Creake to this beautiful complex, with his own beautiful art giving visions of the skies and sea of the north coast, and the colours of wild flora, as a highlight, he has a mix of jewellery, vintage items, and garden statuary for sale.  Opening soon is the promised renewed cafe...I understand Sunday lunch will also be offered and if the owner's pies are anything to go'll be well worth the visit.  Amongst the other barns is another artist whose work is of large bright views of flowers, she shares with the gift shop and interior design textile shop.  Oriental rugs are in another section of barn.  So, if you're visiting Norfolk...the Walsingham Shrine, Wells, etc, then do give this a visit too.

Friday, 4 February 2011

My newest...


Pistacchio with Cobalt Blue


Both can be found in my Etsy shop - Eithne Glass.

Thank you for looking.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A few more...

...beads listed...

amongst others. I'm also waiting on a parcel from the US...I have something else in the works.

And my team won last night. After a rather indifferent first half, the second swept into controversy with a Colchester disallowed goal. The referee having blown his whistle before the ball hit the net, so making the ball dead. I also hope the Colchester fan taken away on a stretcher is okay. A new signing scored too...Bradley Wright-Phillips scored our winning and only goal of the evening, helping us move one place up to seventh staying in touch with those above us.

Personally I thought both our newest signings had a good match, and I felt sorry for Nathan in that final run. You could see either a goal or a penalty being the only outcome.