Monday, 8 February 2010

Just one...

...little socket is all we need, but now, if you want one in a kitchen you have to have an electrician who has his part P2...which is fair enough. Then, when you ask someone to come and give you a price for the work, and he goes white at the sight of your fuse box...starts trembling, then you know you're in trouble. To get all technical, it seems our RDC..breaker is one they discovered fifteen years after they were fitted, that they don't actually break....or trip. So now, we need to have that changed before we can have our one little socket fitted...'s all for a good cause...I keep telling is!

The wait and weight of snow...we lost our telephone connection over the weekend, so with BT summoned, a "little man that does", arrived this morning. After testing what we'd tested, he found the fault was fifteen metres from the house and not with our apparatus. So pulling the ladder from his van, putting his warm clothing on, he shimmied up the telegraph pole, telling me that the whole connection needed to be rebuilt. There he stood, strapped to the pole...and the snow had waited for him...blowing round his ears until he'd finished and came back to the warm to test again, and there...a tone, and a crackleless one at that. It was probably the weight of snow before Christmas which started the issue, the crackles. But, much to my Mum's relief I'm back. She loves worrying about us all...she's a wonderful gem.

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