Wednesday, 23 March 2011


...was my sister's birthday(I won't say which), and though she had to work, she had a good day...and out to dinner in the evening.

Happy birthday, li'l sis!

She's also taking part in this years London Moon Walk, the full version, not the half one.  This is the night of the 14th May.  We're very proud of her, and think she's a wonder!

Closer to home I've joined ActiveNorfolk...which is a group promoting fitness in the county.  I'm starting first walk was along the river and railway routes in's not an amble(though they do those too), they pace it out...and walks are countywide.  There are also opportunities to some other sports too.  You do what you want, when you can, but it's good to have company, and an incentive to go.

Saturday is Fakenham Farmer's Market so, if you're in the area, pop along.  It's a good mix of food and crafts.  If you want to find it, it's in the Market Square...and Fakenham has free parking!!  Just pick the right car parks.

Saturday is also a busy day if you support can follow the cricket against Sri Lanka in the morning and then the football team later.  My team play Bournemouth on the south coast in the afternoon...after last night's draw against one of the form teams, we find ourselves facing another.  Let's hope we can go one better, though I'm sure there will be a lot of negative words written and spoken about it all, before we even kick a ball. 

Anyway, I best make some soon!

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