Monday, 16 May 2011

Feet touching...

...floor at last!

Well, that was some month that was!  I can't even remember everything that went on, but at last I think I'm back to a relatively normal week.  

I didn't mention the...person who managed to bounce his car off mine a couple of weeks ago.  Came round a blind bend at me and after I'd pulled off the road and stopped he hit my wing, scored the door and smashed the mirror.  It is being mended.

Appeared at my first craft fair for ages yesterday, and though it wasn't the best for me, I did get to meet some lovely people and had some encouraging comments.   There were some gorgeous items for sale too...I could have spent too much!!

I also must tell you of my sister...she completed the London Moonwalk...and we're very proud of her!  She's a wonder!!

Back on the making theme, I have been making some brooches...they will be for sale on Etsy this week, and photos will be here soon.  Stitching leather isn't fun...or at least that's what my thumb is telling me.

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