Friday, 17 June 2011

It's gone...

...9am and the next season fixture list is out. Of course most eyes are on the Premier League, but those fans who have loves elsewhere have to look deeper.

My teams first match is at home against Bournemouth, followed by two away matches against Notts County and Colchester...then a visit from Scunthorpe. The full list is here Charlton 2011/2012 fixtures.

We meet the two Sheffields within a month, the new boys Stevenage is in October, and Preston in November.  I could go on, but the whole season is sprinkled with those all will think tougher...but then when you're fighting to get out this league, this season all matches will be tough.  We just need to support our team, wholeheartedly without no negative vibes now!

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