Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My goodness...

...life can be full of peaks and troughs, ups, downs and roundabouts.  Complicated and then a breeze, but it's a way of knowing you're still here.  Where I vanished to is another story...and nothing harmful to me, but it's one I'm not exposing.

So...bejeebers I'm a happy person on the football front...my team are top of their league with a gap of ten points between us and second place, both are automatic promotion positions.  We are in a strong position (the gap to third is twelve points) and we could extend this further this evening if we win..   I'm guessing we kind of sucked our collective breath in over a few matches, managing more draws, but this has been rectified in the last two and now for a push to the end...after tonights we have another thirteen, a total of forty two points, so a lot still to play for.  I haven't been to a match this season, (lucky husband has), so maybe that's why they're doing so well, I seem to jinx them.  But, I listen...cheer and jump around the room...who could ask for more!  I was happy when the board decided on employing Chris Powell as manager, and I've never had a doubt.  The changes he wrought through the summer were considerable, but none have failed...one or two need a little more help than others, but none have failed as disasterously as previously.  I'm one happy red supporter....surrounded by content yellow supporters who are also a happy bunch, so it's a happy place here in Norfolk.

What else?  The room is almost finished, just a few bits to do, some waxing and top coating, then all finished and on to the next project.

Workwise...it's more fabric than glass based at present.  I've a table at a craft fair at Drove Orchard, Thornham, the May Day bank holiday Monday, but no jewellery...with that the sewing machine has been going ten to a dozen and I've been getting my stock straight.  I'll also have some individually designed handbags, cards and prints for sale, my own handmade scarves, seat belt comfies...bags, cushions, etc...yup, I can use cloth and a machine.  I found some great Donegal tweed, very simple...very cheap (price) and the fabric I've chosen to go with it is subtley bright to give an added twist, also I picked up some great vintage pieces...free!  Free is a good word!!

On top of that...France is on the horizon.  A friend asked if I'd like to go with her to her house, and who am I to say nope!!  It's where husband and I went last year and a more beautiful part of the continent you couldn't wish for.  Mountains, views and peace...who could ask for more.  Okay...markets, cafes and people watching, but that's thrown in too. 

There...I've decided a smile is worth more than a frown, to be content within what you can achieve and if things are done to you, then rise above them...life is yours to enjoy, not for others to besmirch.

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