Sunday, 22 April 2012

A completely...

...good week!

Monday was our wedding anniversary...thirty five years young and still happy.  Like most we have had highs and lows, but the lows haven't been depths, and are usually because of something daft and not meaningful.  We took ourselves off to Dereham, (not the highlight capital of Norfolk), but we just wanted to do something normal, as we're usually at opposite ends of Anglia for the week, so try to cram all into weekends.  It's a pleasant town and has the joy of "Steptoes"...second-hand furniture store which can hide gems...we turned up two, which came home with us, so our kitchen is now complete...after two years.

Whilst in France I found a market stall selling linen, how can you not buy having washed and pressed it, I started making the cushions for Drove Orchard Fair...7th May is the day.  I will be taking some please be patient.  There will be other items too.

Then to top the week Charlton (already promoted) were crowned champions, with the possibility of taking another record...highest League One points tally.  So, with a manager who is in his first managerial job...and a team of nearly all new players, who didn't need time to gel or learn how to play together...(beautiful excuses), they did it and showed those who doubted exactly what they were made of!  I hope all doubters are eating humble pie...  All you need is belief...

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