Monday, 21 December 2009

We are...

...on the whole a resilient bunch. When you live in the middle of nowhere, you don't expect to see the gritter lorry pass your door, so you're not disappointed, you just get on with life. The local farmer gets his plough and digs a way through the top layer of snow, you go for walks, meeting neighbours, following tracks, until the sun is shining enough to venture into cars and travel.

We don't have anything as easy as snow chains, we just slide our way out.

Now the main road you do hope the grit lorry might have found that, but, no such luck, so you slide your way, albeit a little faster, towards the lights of town.

New snow I can deal with, it's the ice and the promise of cold nights and bitter mornings that keeps me huddled in my village.

So I'm discovering delicious sounding paint colours for the rooms in our cottage, thinking of kitchens(we're moving it), the one we have at the moment is the only room that doesn't get any sun, so is naturally dark, with dark brown floor tiles, and dirty wooden units(and smells, however much I clean)...and warming myself on a reclaimed AGA sometime next year. It's going to the back of the house where the sun pours through windows and stained glass french doors...we're knocking a small sitting room through to a tiny utility room, to make one reasonably sized kitchen...having free standing furniture...reclaimed mostly...we've found a great shop in Dereham called Steptoes, who only sell second hand furniture...and pieces picked up as we go...

Then there's the outside to paint...and the sitting rooms...and the...oh, I've loved moving!

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