Friday, 31 December 2010

To everyone... wishes for a happy new year, and for the following weeks and months. May they bring all you hope and wish for.

And as the year passes from one to another, my team now has new us a little stability. We know we haven't got as deep pockets as some, we never will, but hopefully fans will welcome the new chapter in our history, and will give enough time to the new regime. We keep our management team, and rumours linking a certain Dennis with us appear false...and talks will be held over the next few days about a responsible pot for maybe a choice transfer or two.

We have also finished our kitchen(except for the french doors)...and I love it. (pictures to follow)

I now just need to work out how to switch the touchpad off this machine, as I keep deleting or moving things by touching it!! I use a mini mouse.

So...again, may pretty and handsome things come your way...thank you for being there.

Love Su xx

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