Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Ah well...

...and another loss with a what do I know!

My clubs new regime will now include a new management team, with Phil and the band getting the early dismissal. I guess the lacklustre loss last night was the final straw, and having a change in formation practise just three hours prior to the match doesn't engender too much faith. Bookies favourite...Dennis...one has already closed his book on him. But, having placed Keith in the hot seat for the interim, I don't expect anything to happen in the next couple of days...but, what do I know! I'm only a fan!

Anyway, today brings us back to normality...beads made and sent out, house without decorations, and talk of the next house project...sitting here, I'm voting for new heating! Just which...ecolocially ethical, oil...or something else. (We don't have mains gas near)...just give me an extra log for now!

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