Saturday, 17 December 2011

...and now...

...officially vacated. 

I'm out on my own again and looking forward to being Wayward Rose again.  :)

The website will be revamped over the next month with a wider range of items, as will my Wayward Rose Etsy shop, which I've had closed for quite sometime.  Though beads are still available through Eithne Glass, just in case you wondered! 

I've some requests to teach some what and how computers work...from pushing the on button, to what Etsy is...and bead other bits and pieces, so life isn't boring.

And whilst I've been away my team has quietly been getting on with their life and revamp too...and I'm loathe to go to see them...they lose when I do, but I listen to all the games (this afternoon excepting), and watch when on, "Valley Floyd Road the mists rolling...."'s good to be back...

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back Su.