Monday, 25 July 2011

Life's been...

...hectic just recently and I know I've neglected everyone.

Quite awhile ago it was suggested I have some input into a shop at Creake Abbey...and this has been going on quietly for a few months.  It was done quietly for several reasons, firstly I had to see if it worked for me, also some conversations with the overall owner...their plans, etc.  Well, I'm now officially there.  Our signs have to be repainted, but we're now Love and the Rose and are stocking both our items, plus gorgeous prints and cards from Amanda Colville of Mangle Prints

and Ella Goodwin of Ella Goodwin Illustration

From Vicki Johnson of Stew Studios in Norwich Red Red Blue we have beautiful lights, scarves and tea towels.

and these lovely little shades from Michelle Bayford.

Other items are there for your perusal...and here's a taste of the whole...

So now you know where I vanished to...

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