Thursday, 26 November 2009

I've decided...

...we've bought a house in it's very own "Brigadoon"...I'm sure everything will disappear at the new year.
Speaking to real locals in Fakenham, which is five miles away, they've never heard of our village. A cousin who was looking for the village before we moved in, asked a policeman there and he had to get his maps out to find it. Yesterday I had a delivery of glass via Parcelforce and she looked at me saying I could have had it Tuesday, but she couldn't find me...we're not on their records, though the normal post gets through, but then I get others too! The chimney sweep has never been here and he's lived three miles away all his life.
So, if you decide to stay in either of the two holiday cottages, or the bed and breakfast opposite, then make sure you come prepared to might be a hundred years before you surface again!

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