Tuesday, 23 March 2010

After making...

...some beads this morning(burning my arm in the process, as the rod spanked and shot a sliver of red hot glass up my sleeve!), and waving good bye to the tiler who has finished the floor(photos to follow), I pulled some weeds, looked for another rabbit hole...as a baby bunny was nibbling the grass and my pansies, which I still can't find, did some ironing. Then feeling kind of bored I wanted to discover what was making such a smell on the stairs, so up came the carpet which is now sitting outside waiting to be thrown. Now if I thought I would discover beautiful( I didn't) wooden stairs...I'd have to think again. There, all old, bent...worn, painted brown, nails and staples everywhere, were my bare stairs, but I did discover the smell...it went out when the carpet went.

Now what to do with those stairs!


PG said...

You know what you have to do...I know what I'd do...strip some of the paint off to see what's underneath. Could be lovely. Bad luck about the arm, ouch ouch!

Suze said...

Unfortunately it isn't...but I'll remove all the nails and staples, strip the brown paint, off give them a buff and see what can be salvaged, if nothing then give them a covering of paint, just to brighten them up.
You're right about the ouch, Gretel... It happens sometimes, though it's the first time the glass has found the gap at the cuff... I keep some burn freezer just in case.