Monday, 29 March 2010

Living opposite...

...the church makes it easy when trying to direct people to our cottage.

It's also a pretty view or it is if I look sideways, as the church itself is slightly to one side. Opposite is the churchyard...there's no wall, and the ground is about three foot or so higher than the floor of our cottage, so I have a view of the headstones. At Christmas a delivery of several Christmas wreaths were laid at different stones, then a couple of weeks ago a bunch of red roses were laid at one closest. Now there are little bunches of daffodils popping their heads through the soil bringing a brightness to the grassy expanse.

I understand there's no electricity...oil brings the only illumination, and no regular services. It is still consecrated though. It has some very special murals inside dating back nearly five hundred years.

St Andrew's

In reading a book by a previous owner of our cottage, I note he was told that St Andrews lies on a ley line with a ley stone outside it's porch.

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