Friday, 26 March 2010

These are...

...what arrived yesterday. I just kept a smile on my face all day.

My door and floorboard bench, sitting waiting for the finishing touches.

I'll be making a cushion for it, and maybe a bit of polish...but, I'm thinking about that.

These boxes also arrived...

...with a few more out of shot. These are the start of the working side of the kitchen...sink and cupboards. I think you can just see a hint of the colour?! You can just see the colour charts balanced on one of the boxes. Which one to colour the walls...and doors. So many choices...and so little time.

I was also busy making some necklaces. A friend has a boutique just outside Norwich, part of which is the sale and hire of Prom dresses, and she asked if I could make some necklaces to put with the some simple beads I put together some necklaces for her. I'll photo these and show a bit of sparkle...every girl needs a bit of sparkle for her party.

The bunny battle still continues. I'm down to only having one hole reopened each morning now, and I see there are two holes in the field next door, so I'm hoping they're gradually getting the idea. Otherwise, the whole area is due for a dig over. I only want them to move slightly...just a matter of ten yards...I do.

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