Monday, 24 May 2010

Another busy...

...and gloriously sunny weekend.

We started by painting the ceiling of our "new" kitchen...and now it's all white, rather than an off white flavoured with an underlay of green shades.

Then off to town(Fakenham) as the monthly Farmer's Market was in full swing, arriving just as some were packing away.  If you're around on the fourth Saturday of a month it's well worth a visit...with stalls as diverse as Norfolk wine, to handmade willow baskets, bread, cakes(the nice lady gave us two slices of each), plants...meat, fish...veggies, handmade shoes, bird seed...etc...  We did pick up some bits we wanted, including a perfect willow basket for the kitchen...then into the church for the Craft Market...there I bought a little box for a forthcoming project, and a "love" cushion for the spare bedroom(I'm making the rest, but couldn't resist the little embroidered butterflies).

Like most towns we have a local department store, here it's Aldiss, and sells things from sofas to towels...and even has a chocolate factory outlet (Kinnertons) in the corner.  Anyway, another bargain was found...and we came away with a knocked about "posh" kitchen trolley, for a fraction of the original price!  Chipped paint after having a bit of sandpaper brushed over it, gives just the right look.

So a successful visit....

On my way into and from town I pass a fellow bloggers home, and as she was having an Open Studio weekend, (also the next two)...we used the excuse and went to visit.  Debbie Osborn Art and Design
is a genius at making things from the unusual, as well as a creative artist...and makes the most sublime and welcomed elderflower cordial...for which I must get her recipe!  Being followed around her garden by Louise, Martha, Miriam and Tildy(I think that's right!), with Katie hiding in the undergrowth having a squawk at us...  I'm sure they were checking Debbie wasn't going too far from sight.  We wish her and Mr O the best with the open weekends. 

And then home to check the ceiling...fine!  Dig...paint...finish plinths...cheer Blackpool...

Now all that's left to finish is to hang the lining paper and find a piece of wood!

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