Thursday, 13 May 2010


...did I have time to go out to work!

I spent the morning making beads, including these focals...

The two different types of glass I've used give the beautiful metallic finish, when heated differently in the flame.  I love making focals...I don't do that enough!

I top-dressed my herb garden...spread some muck about!

Put some chicken wire along the top of the fence behind our summer house, as the horse in the field that wraps around two sides of our garden, could put his head over and was chewing the back window ledge on the summer house.

Cleaned and finished the beads made this morning...

Normal house things in between...and chasing up some of the new kitchen bits.

....though I did get some time to do some embroidery when my dinner was cooking!  

I know how I get more time these's being content doing what I do!

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