Sunday, 6 June 2010

It's strange...

...who you meet in your local shop.

Having gone to one of the local village's shops yesterday, I found the owner and a regular customer chatting about the coming World Cup and the Rio injury.  Being a person who can't resist a conversation about football...or most other sports either, I made a small comment, and found they both thought a certain Darren Bent should have gone instead of Emile Heskey.  I then found I was talking to someone whose nephew played with Darren at Charlton.  Thinking through who it could be, I discovered it was another Darren...Darren Ambrose.  It was mentioned that it was no surprise he didn't flourish at Charlton, as he was consistently played out of his favoured position, by all the managers...and as soon as he went to Warnock he rediscovered his niche in his best position...and is now happy.

Apart from that, wallpaper is being stuck to walls, paint is being brushed onto wood, a garden is being weeded and glass is being wrapped around mandrels!

...and another week starts....speculation within the wider Charlton blogging world is rife, and at the end of the week we'll all settle down to see how far all the teams get.  Maybe ours will raise a trophy just as the cricket team did.

We'll see!

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