Friday, 2 July 2010

I know...'s almost a month since I've written!  I have excuses...reasons, but I won't bore you with those!

Except, we went to a wonderful wedding in Kent.  The bride was beautiful, and very "princessy", which is what she always wanted.  And we went to my sister's brilliant party...also in Kent, and had a great time!

So, the rest...seems at my team's headquarters things they are a changing!  Some departures have been announced, with second goalkeeper leaving for Motherwell where he's been guaranteed the number one shirt in a three year deal...I'm sure that will help his international aspirations (Ireland), instead of signing a one year contract with us.  Spring(released anyway) going to Leyton Orient...  Stuart Fleetwood off to Hereford...after numerous loan deals with clubs.  The Nicky Bailey saga goes on, with a deal imminent for his move to Middlesbrough...this is money we sorely need.  Jonjo Shelvey already at Liverpool, with a far better manager now than the one he signed for!  I always had a "what if" feeling about Roy Hodgson, us rather than Fulham...if only!!  Steve Gritt is unfortunate casualty in the monetary reality of League One football.  He will be sorely missed, by all...he was a Charlton stalwart and had been there longer than some fans!  Another Steve...this time Waggott, who left this week...and redundancy warnings have been announced too, not actuality yet, but it's a nasty feeling having hanging over you!  Yassin Moutaouakil has had his contract a weight off our wage bill!  We have signed our youngster Alex Stavrinou on a one year contract...and also, I'm glad, Chris Solly.  Two good young players, and with the new rules of youngsters who signed for a club three years before their twenty first birthday being in the squad, these two are positive news.  It's reported that Frazer Richardson and Jose Semedo both came back to training this week...and it's players of experience in the mix of youngsters we need.  We can't go out and sign a relatively "big name", but if we carefully blend youth with experience we could hold our own next season, and surprise those doubters!  One thing that makes me feel as though I'm chewing feathers is...we're financially tight...squeaky tight, but we're still there...others have gone into administration and bounced out...if not smelling of roses, at least still alive.  You tell me that's right! 

Oh, and I won't be watching the World Cup final, nor either of the Wimbledon finals...ce la vie!  As they say in France! 

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