Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Football...Foxes and...


The first is dealt with easily, my team have just had a management buyout.  Well, it's called that with Richard Murray a long time supporter, board member and chairman, taking outright control of the club.

"This has been a critical time for the club. Our future was uncertain, and financially this was potentially one of our darkest hours.

"However, agreement has been reached with my fellow directors for me to take sole control of the club through what is effectively a management buyout (MBO) of the plc subsidiaries. The new money I am injecting into the club will ensure we go into the new season with a competitive team.

"I shall be appointing a new interim board of directors, and we will now go forward and actively seek new investment.
With that...I'm happy...
Now, foxes!  My absence (yet again) has been due to visiting my Mum's and trying to get some order into her garden.  Not a huge garden, just a normal suburban one, but one which has had foxes make their home at the end of it, due to the over grown shrubs let run rampant by a "professional" gardening neighbour who didn't like interference, Mum didn't want to upset, and who recently retired from helping.  Now the shrubs are trimmed back...the debris of the foxes home has been cleared, and hopefully we can keep this now tidy.  By all accounts the foxes did come to check, sat and looked awhile, and then trotted off somewhere else.  Now all I have to do is weed, dig...prune and trim the rest of the garden! 
...and flowers.  That'd be in my garden.  Over the last few months I've been collecting an array of herbaceous plants, roses and small shrubs, trimming back overgrown shrubs in my own garden and yesterday I, at last, got to plant some.  We'd decided to make a new bed across the garden to break up a sharp slope, this we started to dig.  Then we found some photos of the house and garden fourteen years ago, (behind the old kitchen cabinets we've dismantled)...and lo and behold there was the garden bed full of plants just where we were digging ours!  Stranger still were some other photos showing the front of the house, with a garden just where we had decided to put another one! 

Oh, and my laptop has decided that it's had enough.  Not completely dead, but on the verge of dying...it's power cable is broken and it's virtual memory...it's been telling me for the last two to three years it keeps having to find more!  So I guess that's what I'll be saving for...


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