Saturday, 5 February 2011


...welcome on the first Saturday of the month is a visit to North Creake Farmer's Market.  

You can gather enough food to keep you happy, from veg to beautifully made fresh ready meals.  Spices, sauces, jams, cakes and beautifully fragrant macarons.  You can visit the Caribbean, Thailand, India and Norfolk.  Award winning pies, award winning chef.  Plants...sheepskins, beef, pork, chickens, lamb...and the most beautiful soups.

On the way back home a swerve to Great Walsingham to visit The Walsingham Barns, where you can visit a new shop... Gary Haigh-Smith has moved from Creake to this beautiful complex, with his own beautiful art giving visions of the skies and sea of the north coast, and the colours of wild flora, as a highlight, he has a mix of jewellery, vintage items, and garden statuary for sale.  Opening soon is the promised renewed cafe...I understand Sunday lunch will also be offered and if the owner's pies are anything to go'll be well worth the visit.  Amongst the other barns is another artist whose work is of large bright views of flowers, she shares with the gift shop and interior design textile shop.  Oriental rugs are in another section of barn.  So, if you're visiting Norfolk...the Walsingham Shrine, Wells, etc, then do give this a visit too.

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