Sunday, 6 February 2011

If you...

....remember a year ago, we started to dismantle two rooms to make them into our new kitchen, and demolished walls, new floors and electric are some views of our kitchen.

We made our own peg board and shelving.  The day hearts were a Christmas present from my sister, the round wire thingy is my toaster, the patchwork spice square is from a visit to Cape Cod...I'm very proud of the worktop I made from a couple of our spare slate floor tiles, and the tiling behind my cooker...all my own work!

This little wall unit we brought from our old had been relegated to the shed there!  The large earthenware jug I made several years ago.

This is my crockery hides a multitude of dishes too.  An old victorian oak cupboard gathered in a shop in Dereham.  The huge mixing bowl was snapped up from a friend who was throwing it away.

Now this was my last years birthday present.  A few days spent in Derbyshire and this is what came home with us.  We think it must be a sweet shop scales as it only goes to 2lb.  The orchid was a new home present sixteen months ago.  It was in flower then and they lasted for six months, it has been flowering again for about six weeks.

This is an old blanket box that belonged to my parents.  It was a bit battered, but with the addition of little bun feet and a new cover, we have a new seat and I have a new needlework box!

And of Gretel's handmade beauties watching over us.  The clay pipe, we dug out of the garden, and we think is an old design of about the 1700's.

There...part of our kitchen, as promised.

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