Sunday, 10 July 2011

It all...

...starts here.

With thirteen new faces showing up over the last few weeks, it's certainly been a busy pen at my club.  Some old faces have gone and good luck to them with their new teams.  The latest I've seen notes of is Llera who's reportedly training with Blackpool in Portugal.  Of course we'll see some back at the Valley during the season, as they play for opposition.

So...the usual opening game against Welling was yesterday, and reading reports overall it was satisfactory...sticky to start with some good Welling chances, but we survived those and in the second half(with a different eleven) we scored three.  Nice to see new boys get on the score sheet and a triallist too.  I would think a useful lesson.  Next off to sunnier climes as we go to Spain and face two championship sides; these will give a good indicator to how our close season training has gone, and if we're gelling.  Looking at the opposition in League One this year...we're going to need every ounce of gelling we can get!  But, I think we've got the wherewithall to do something special...

Wow!  That was scary...that fence can be awfully high to perch on!  Also..gel can get awfully sticky!!

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