Saturday, 9 July 2011

Don't you...

...just love it when things go wrong!

When I sold my mini for the wee beastie seen below...I thought it was my mini, registered in my name.  So when we were sent a cheque and it arrived in another name, it made me smile...  And when a couple of days later we received paperwork saying a transfer had been made, I wondered.  Could they have the cheque back...please.  Then a few days later the cheque arrived back...with a note, ummm the transfer wasn't actually done, so would we accept the cheque...again in the other name.  Right, the left hand doesn't know what the right's doing, and they can't read.

Move on a couple of weeks and the new registration document arrives...and that's in the wrong name too!  Now, I'm I invisible?  Am I an appendage?  Did I say something?  It was made perfectly clear the document and cheque were the mini was and the new one is....mine!  I wonder who'll get the blame...the two men who dealt with the sale or the girl who works in the office from the documentation she's given!  I have my theory...

Well, if you're near Rudham in Norfolk today, it's their come buy some WI cakes...we do make exceedingly good cakes!

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