Saturday, 26 May 2012


...up to date with twitter and feed.  What?  the League One play off...(I wanted to listen to the Test).

I am so glad I wasn't involved, it was bad enough against Sunderland, but I couldn't have been either Huddersfield or Sheffield United's supporters today and the drama of the penaltes!  Finally after 120 minutes of game, the final score was 8 - 7 to Huddersfield on penalties scored, with the final Blades penalty being missed by their goalie, after saving their bacon, several times, during the match.

I know it might seem easy, when I can say from the position of champions, but I do feel for all Sheffield United's a cruel way to lose, especially when their city rivals grabbed automatic promotion in the last weeks of the season.  I wish them well and automatic promotion next season, as unwanted as that is right now.  Good luck to Huddersfield...we'll see you next season!

And the Test!?  Well, just finishing for the day...and after clearing the last four WIndies wickets, and a little bit of a sticky start...another ton for Strauss and Pietersen 72 off 100 balls, both back tomorrow.... just England United to go...

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