Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The new...

...prints have arrived and will be ready for sale at Swaffham on Friday at the indoor market.

Thank goodness, I was nearly out of them.  I'm asked about them every week...am I the artist.  I'm honest and say no...I'm not that talented.  Elle has all the talent...just gets the look in the eye just right, plus everything else.

This is her "A Winter Story".  I'm nearly out of the hare prints, but do have a rooster this time.  I've lots of greyhound and whippet prints for those who've been asking.

Of course, the French soap will be there as usual...verveine, masculin and lavender, plus olive oil soaps...body lotion and shower gel...just ask if you can't make Swaffham and would like to know more.  It won't be long before my whole range of items will be displayed.  Sandra...who has let me perch at the end of her tables, is moving (with her husband) into a shop in June...so exciting!  And I'm taking over the tables...so I'll see you there on Fridays!

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