Sunday, 19 October 2008

A little reason...

as to why the photo of Bamburgh Beach is there. We went with our eldest son and family this summer, and it was the first time we'd stopped in Northumberland, using it as a gateway to Scotland previously.

It was the week before the rain and floods, and we were happy to see that sunshine adorned the hilly countryside. The photo looks out from the dunes, in which we misplaced our way, across the beach, and the view of the beach is in August...out across the sea to Lindisfarne. We didn't quite make that, but we will. We had too much to see inside a week...and any reason to return is a good one, and although we didn't stop, the town of somewhere else that will be visited. It's so pretty, and anyone who lives're a lucky person. But then...there are places all over the world where we're lucky to live, for varying reasons.

We did visit Newcastle and discovered a wonderful museum about the city and area, the Tyne and Wear Discovery Museum, and when the city's rid itself of its roadworks, confusing road signs, points a visitor in the right direction, then it looks like a nice place to visit further...but, until that time...take a train!

Another reason for the photo...I love large beaches, sea...and very few occupants!

Relax and let time spread before you...

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