Monday, 20 October 2008

Sitting on hands...

that's what it feels as though I'm doing, or having to do.

It all started quite excitedly just over a week ago, and for those who don't know...we're trying to sell our house, this market...and no, not because we have to. So...a call from the agents and our first viewers want to return, this is a couple of months after their first and second visits...the call was on that Thursday. On the Friday, after spik and spanning for the afternoon, I sat down with a cuppa to watch some news, trying to keep abreast of the financial cyclone we're all enduring, and I decided I'd watch some sport news instead...there's only so much monetary implosions you can take in a week. There, before my eyes the news reader was talking about my team, and...yes...the prospect of money being available, via new owners. I couldn't quite work out which I was more excited about...our viewers, or Charlton being wealthy!! Both were a heady mix.

Saturday came, as did our viewers...and deciding there were things they wanted to check with our local planning department, they left. As for was an international weekend, so no match...*phew*, my pulse couldn't have taken that! Monday came, and all was quiet until lunchtime, when our agent phoned, to confirm that our viewers were indeed checking things out...still all quiet from Charlton though, and it remained quiet all patient...don't think about it! Sit on your hands...make yourself busy...though how you do that at the same time, I'm not sure!! A call Friday from the agents, and they're still checking...though I know the office told them they could see no reason why they couldn't do what they wanted.

So here I am in the next's still quiet...and I'm waiting...with trepidation for the phone to ring, or the radio to tell me that Charlton are still home owned, another game poorer...and further down the league...tomorrow, there must be a tomorrow!! Ah yes....we play Bristol City....

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