Wednesday, 22 October 2008

That tomorrow came...

...and went very fast. Luckily it's not life or death, and so far not the move or not. It was just the football match, and predictably we didn't win...I'm not going to ruminate further, there are better than me at doing that. Back to the brighter side of things....

I listed some new beads yesterday...nothing extravagant, somehow I don't trust that around here at present, but with getting ready for a jewellery sale, the beads have taken a bit of a back burner, so it was nice to get some out there again. I'm pleased with what there is though. I should post some photos....and also some of my jewellery. I'll sort that soon.

I must admit with the jewellery I've been a hoarder of beads, and now, gradually that hoard is disappearing, so soon enough I'll be out looking for complementary beads, especially as I can use my own lamp-works now. I do like a bit of sparkle too, and silver usually, though having just started some copper items, they're becoming popular.

Awhile ago I bought some natural crystal pillows, absolutely clear, and cut to perfection. I used a few in a couple of mixed bracelets, but have just made a necklace with matching ear-rings with the rest, no colour just these crystals and a few Swarovski crystal bicones...I think at present that's my favourite...there's just so much sparkle, and it's perfect for anytime including Christmas. I'm hoping I can get some more, and make myself'll be my treat to me, and we all need those on occasions.


Midnight Garden

Seas Secrets

and last but not least...spacers, those little gems that complete and complement.


If anyone wants a particular colour, we can talk...I have a wide range of colours, including specials...please see what's in my shop, and sold items. Also with the jewellery...I love experimenting with others contact me and we can arrange.


EVY Designs said...

Beautiful beads, I have tagged you on my blog :) Elizabeth x

Suze said...

So you have...I'm new to all this so I'll have to sort something.

I do like your jewellery style very much.

Su x