Sunday, 19 October 2008

One foot before the other...

This looks like the result of a promise...I promised I was going to move my blog to a more comfortable environment, and this is the result. I'm sure as I gather knowledge of what moves, and how this goes together, things will change, and grow. I think a blog is a very organic thing.

I'm sure over time there will be many views on....whatevers. Be they work, its many varied forms, my team...with its complexity of emotions...and the meaning of life, mine need to check your own for yourselves.

I have placed some blogs I read regularly at the side, along with the start of links to those places I love...and whose work I could sit and stare at for hours...I'm sure this will change and grow over time.

Please don't vanish if I get a little...self indulgent at times. Trying to move at this present time in the financial....flip, is not the most constructive thing in the world. You just have to keep thinking of the positives...those things that are close to you.

So, welcome to this world of mine...enter its doors...and partake of a world of opposites.

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