Saturday, 20 June 2009

Another week...

...another call.

The expected call came eventually on Thursday evening. Our buyers are getting twitchy, which you can hardly blame them for...we're getting twitchy! They're renting and have told their landlord they've found a house and he's finding people to take over. One went yesterday. By all accounts they've both been in the agent's office, and on the phone to them this week. So I made the call to Norfolk I know our agent was going to anyway, to let them know.

I don't think anyone knows if our seller is going to move...she's had her house on the market for two years, was close to completion eighteen months ago and they walked away, meaning she lost the cottage she initially wanted. Now, she won't sign anything...changed her mind (after eleven weeks) about the last cottage she offered on, and has also, seemingly, changed her mind about moving in with her partner...

This leaves us where? Getting the Norfolk agent to talk to her about the realities of the situation and hoping she is serious about things., or looking for somewhere else...and starting again. We've been offered on her property since last September, she didn't accept until late March, until she found something. You would think that somewhere in all that time, she'd have known if she didn't want to sell...wouldn't you?

We're off to Norfolk looking. It's not something I want to do, but we can't rely on a yes answer this week, so if we're serious about moving then...needs must... I still want the cottage we're offering on, it's unique...has more living space than sleeping space...a good sized garden, with room for that to develop(she doesn't like flowers)'s not overlooked, but has neighbours(not just the churchyard opposite)...and is pretty.

Anyway, we want to be settled, know where we are...we've already been through losing a house, exactly two years ago, when my husband was on the high seas, on his way to Norway...then our buyers pulled out. We did have a break from trying to sell between then and now, but life appears in a limbo keep things tidy, decorate what needs, but you don't's a strange existence.

And this last also the fourth anniversary of my Dad dying suddenly. As old as I am, I miss his hugs.

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