Thursday, 25 June 2009

On Saturday...

...on our run around Norfolk, we stopped at a one off business venture. If you live there, you probably know or have heard of Woad-Inc. It's the company of a farmer who diversified into producing woad, and now has included making and selling his own products using the oil and dye from this plant.

I can say, the items are beautiful... and he's a very nice person to talk to. these things do, (and on reading a magazine article pinned to the wall) football became the topic of conversation. The piece told me he is an ardent Norwich I apologised for taking them down. He smiled, and said...well...and he didn't expect anything else with the bunch running the club. Seems he isn't any ordinary fan, but a a small way. More an associate...and at home games, rather than sitting with the Norwich directors, this little group sit with the opposition. Quite telling that...

I think the only good thing he had to say about the present incumbents, was that you were sure of a decent lunch. Other than that...not being good business people was mentioned... I somehow got the impression he doesn't hold out much hope for next season either, but he thought we'd do well. I did keep a straight face at this point.

Other Norfolk footballing news...Kings Lynn, demoted by the Conference, have put an appeal against the decision to the FA. In the meantime, they have already made two signings, one from Kettering Town and the second, the player of the season, from Rugby Town. They've also announced a draw for the shirt sponsorship for the forth-coming season...individuals can apply.

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