Monday, 22 June 2009

A busy weekend...another visit to Norfolk, and another tour around the outsides of houses. I thought I'd finished doing that last September...or I hoped I had!

We also had a party to go to. Our youngest son's girlfriends birthday. Gets complicated like that...but, she had a significant birthday...two bands played, one of which I've known since some of them were about that makes me feel kind of old! They were both very good, but I must show bias here, and say the local guys were better... They have produced their own CD...which I will get, and let you know the final verdict. Now the couple are off on the Eurostar to Paris for a few days...unfortunately no room in their suitcases for me!!

Then yesterday...which was the day of the significant birthday, was also our eldest son's same significant date, being born on the same day. That was more a family gathering...more food than you could wish for, and great fun too....their boys decided on the music, and we were bombarded from the eighties!

So happy birthday to both of them....I had a great weekend, I think they both did.

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