Tuesday, 12 January 2010

And the wall...

...came tumbling down.

Over the weekend we knocked nails out, cut holes in plasterboards, pulled wood apart, dismantling the stud wall between the old utility room and the small sitting room, and removing the frames and doors to the two rooms. Now I stand in delight at the light which pours through the stained glass french doors, and leaded light windows to a much nicer space.

Now we have to decide, do we replace a door, or do we leave it open to the little hallway which leads to it.

Next step...rebuild a small piece of wall, and remove a radiator!

Exciting...isn't it!?

And the football goes on.

I'm wondering what makes one club any different to another!?

Portsmouth (who are losing to Coventry as I type) owe several millions to other clubs, HMRC, have been late in paying their players several times this season...and had until 5pm today to pay some of the money to the clubs owed for transfers already completed(at present they're not allowed into the transfer market)...they didn't make it, so now the Premier League are deciding how to divvy up the £7m television money owed to Portsmouth between those clubs who they owe. Portsmouth have asked for the money to be given to them...as a loan? Now what makes this club any different in their debt to that of a local Norfolk club which disappeared just before Christmas, as King's Lynn were wound up. The size of debt is hugely more, both have fans...players and a long history...so, is it just because one is a league club and the other a non-league club?

It's a cold, tough world out there, and unless you can find yourself a sugar daddy with true and deep pockets..who also understands and loves football, it'll get tougher for more clubs. The above is just that little visible tip of the iceberg...with the Titanic sailing steadily towards it.

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