Tuesday, 19 January 2010

It's all in...

...a day, as they say.

They also say...football's a funny old game!

On a day when West Ham have new owners, with the revelations of how deep their debt was, what the plans for their future are...Portsmouth have lost their court case against delaying a winding up order. Those gentleman on television talk of a change in the city of Manchester. I would think there'd have to be a bit more history before that happens...money doesn't history buy. My team...Charlton, have announced no price increase for next season tickets, if bought before the end of March, and the availability of some five hundred five year season tickets, and PP said Nicky Bailey wasn't going anywhere!

I'm sitting multi-tasking...writing, listening and watching...and cheering!

Also one of my local teams, who went out of business before Christmas, are being resurrected. Their new owner is the owner of the King's Lynn Speedway team...so out of disaster a new future comes for King's Lynn...

I've been busy making my little spacers in a variety of colours...they're the little beads which can be used in many ways.

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