Monday, 11 January 2010

Next Monday...

...a new football programme debuts - Late Kick Off.

Aimed at the Football League teams within their regions, my local East Anglian programme is fronted by ex-Ipswich player...or at least that's how the local news magazine show advertised it. Me? I think of him as an ex-Charlton star...a hero...and someone I always thought of as a gentleman.

Matty Holland has a new job, and he's the face in front of the East Anglian cameras dealing with our local teams. So, if you're an Ipswich, Colchester, Peterborough, MKDons, Southend, oh! or a Norwich supporter...then he's the man for you...I'll be watching even though he's not reporting on my team, I'll be spying.

The regional programmes start at 11:35 on Monday 18th January on BBC1...dealing not with just the football on the pitch, but the clubs behind the scenes.

In amongst everything I see Norwich also made a statement upping their debt by £ £22.?m...

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