Thursday, 28 January 2010

The sun...

...made a short appearance today, and as there's nothing quite the same as the smell of freshly aired washing after blowing in the fresh air, I made my way across our garden with a basket of bits. Pegging it out, and looking to see if there were any hints of fresh buds on trees, I wandered back across the lawn.
Now I'm a snowdrop addict, I love the little white nodding heads...and I've been looking for evidence there are some in my new, I found two...hardly showing they're so low to the lawn, but they're there! Now I know that though we've still two months of winter left, it won't be long 'til spring, and a whole new discovery of the garden will unfold.

...and the battle of the bunnies will start this weekend. We have a rabbit warren in the garden, and they're eating anything that's still green, but before new plants are planted they need to be dealt with. They're under part of an old small shrubbery which is on it's way out, so I'm hoping that disturbs them enough to send them over...or under the fence and into the field next door.

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