Friday, 31 July 2009

In amongst...

...the personal events surrounding us at team have been edging towards the beginning of a new season. The last of the pre-season matches is tomorrow, against Bournemouth...and in eight days time, we'll know how our season has started.

Fans have been astir during the "quiet" months of summer. Unhappiness, nerves...and rumours have abound, with newspapers printing articles threatening us with administration...and more debt than would be seemly. The strain was beginning to show, as the official silence deepened. Now we have the second of the clubs official statements regarding the takeover...that it is still ongoing, but due to signed confidentiality contracts the directors of the club can't say more, which is understandable...and I hope those who were threatening protests take note of this.

During this time the management team has a new addition in the person of Tim Breacker, as assistant manager...and on reports a good signing for us. An honest, hard working man...with his fair share of experience, plus holding the UEFA Pro A licence as well as a sports science degree, he'll be a great addition. This leaves Mark Kinsella coaching the first team, and he's signed a new deal to this effect. With Phil Chapple revamping the scouting arm, and Damian Matthew taking care of reserves and their reorganisation.

Several other new faces have appeared on the playing staff...with Christian Dailly being the latest in signing today. Though not the only signature captured...with Darren Randolph signing a new contract at last.

Others are still pessimistic about keeping some of our key players...Shelvey, Bailey...etc...but, I think these deals hinge on our takeover talks. I'm sure whoever the new owner(s) will be, they will want those kind of players to stay...regardless of how much money they could make us in their sale, and that's why there's another form of silence over their futures.

I'm also going to be one of those sometime visitors this season, unfortunately no season ticket, but...I'll pick my matches carefully...with a visit to a local thrown in.

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