Monday, 27 July 2009

Oh boy!!

...please someone tell me we've come through that!

Where do I start? We went to look at a little house locally on we just couldn't find anything else in Norfolk. Then went back on Saturday morning, decided to make an offer and then went to tell our which time we were told by them that they'd been in contact with the Norfolk agent and the lady there had found a house and made an offer. They didn't want to excite us and then have us disappointed again, so no one bothered to tell us. Later that afternoon we had a call from the new agents, if we raised our price slightly it'd be accepted...we did, as it was still below their asking price.

Today...I can't believe today!! I phoned Norfolk to tell the agent there, we were withdrawing our offer. I was then told their vendor had her offer on the table, and our situation had been explained, and she wasn't going to have the house surveyed and it was empty. I said I doubted it'd make a difference, that we were at the end of our tether....forty five minutes later we got another call, her offer was accepted, and she'd sign inside two weeks...we asked for time to think over what was being said... We talked over it, round it, through it...all the different scenarios, all the money differences...and came to the conclusion we'd kick ourselves if we didn't go to Norfolk...we can always come back, we'd never be able to afford to go back up in size of house...we can come down. So phone calls to Norfolk first...yes, we were back(he was off to see the vendor this afternoon to help her complete our documentation and then take it to her solicitor for her), then our agents to explain...our buyers go on holiday tomorrow for a week....then the other agent to say sorry(I hated doing that)...our solicitors to tell them... Then all the family to explain we were back to Norfolk...

Anyway, all that and not a strong drink in sight...other than my normal strength tea...standing spoon strength!

A good thing...I did pick up my new glasses this morning. Black and pink for normal wear, and black and pink with a hint of roses on the arms for sunglasses...I know, a lot of black and pink there! But, they're better in the flesh than they sound, I promise.


PG said...

OK. I am a bear of little, does that mean that that difficult woman you've been dealing with has found a house? And you are getting the small house you saw on Friday? Or is it another? But you are definitely moving?

Confused of the Cotswolds

Suze said...

Hello "Confused of the Cotswolds"... :)

I promise you, after this week we're still confused, last, the lady in Norfolk has found a house she wants so much she didn't view before offering, she needs us now. We are going with her house, and yes, at last, it sounds as though we are moving, and it'll be Norfolk...