Thursday, 30 July 2009

Seems so...

...long ago now, but on the journey home from East Sussex, we visited one of Henry VIII's love nests, Knole House near Sevenoaks, or rather we walked around the parkland that surrounds the house, it's something we used to do when we lived in Kent. You can enter via side gates, and the parkland is free. The house is owned and run by the National Trust.

You can get this close, there were children (supervised) touching the deer, they are that used to visitors.

The last photo shows part of the golf course, which wends its way through the estate.

No...not the lavender fields of Provence, but those of Kent(the tape and cone sort of give it away!)...the purple drifts follow your travels through the valley near Shoreham. This photo was taken at the beginning of this month, whilst on a visit to the Hop Shop on one of their special events weekends...

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